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How to run a Seven Samurai / Magnificent Seven scenario (Underdark-style)

2020.09.23 15:17 EnricoDandolo1204 How to run a Seven Samurai / Magnificent Seven scenario (Underdark-style)

(If you recently were or watched one of your party members being fisted back to life by a spider goddess, you can't pronounce your character's name or you have no strong feelings about using rebel slaves as cannon fodder to do your work for you, stop reading now.)
So my party (about to reach level 5, orc barb/rangerogue, half-orc artillerist artificer, aasimar grave cleric, halfling eloquence bard, NPC drow priestess who's been serving as their guide and the grave cleric's love interest) are going to reach the destination of their long, long trip through the Underdark fairly soon, where they are looking for the reclusive god Enki to answer some questions for them. Unfortunately, before they can actually get to the god, they need to beat back an amphibious assault by duergar. Lemme set the scene:
Šag-Abzu is a small town on an island surrounding Enki’s tower. Like the entire cavern surrounding it out to a distance of a mile, the town is in a wild magic zone caused by the god's presence. The tower itself is inaccessible to anyone but those the god chooses to admit into his presence, its door appearing and disappearing seemingly at random, and contains both many treasures and dangerous remnants of experiments. The town is multiethnic, but dominated by drow. Šag-Abzu has a population of 294 people, 135 of whom are drow, 71 are quaggoths, 63 troglodytes, 18 svirfneblin, six derro and 1 mind flayer. It is governed by a town council and has a standing militia composed of 20 drow commanded by a drow elite warrior.
The town council is composed as follows:
Other notable NPCs:

The opposing forces are one or two longships' worth of duergar of various types. Their objective is to seize control of the island, kill the inhabitants, and start using the cavern for their own ends as it is in fact the heart of the primordial force Abzu, whose corpse formed the Underdark after Enki and the other gods slew him and seized his power. If C'thambr'enda gets involved in the battle, it immediately becomes a priority target for the duergar, and they will be more tan happy to throw their lives away to take it down.

What I'm planning is for the party to have a couple days to make preparations before the duergar arrive. The village is walled and located on an island with steep cliffs, but the troglodyte village and the docks are located outside the walls, which are also in poor repair. That said, the villagers are motivated to defend their homes and their lives, though the drow at least are almost all commoners. I figure they might try to arm and train the commoners, ideally with hand crossbows, in addition to calling on their faerie fire and darkness racials.
The party will have opportunities to recruit allies -- most obviously, the troglodytes. The mind flayer might be able to be convinced to fight for at least part of the battle, though I struggle to think of any reason the party might give him to get involved. Additionally, there is a kuo-toa village (based on OotA's Sloobludop) that has positive relations with Sag-Abzu and might be able to bolster their forces if the PCs first help them resolve this week's religious schism.

What I'm wondering is how to run this. Specifically, in terms of mechanics. I see three main options before me:
What would you guys do? Have any of you run "siege defence" scenarios like this before?
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2020.09.14 18:48 BurceGern Non-champions PL watch thread

Sheffield United vs Wolves (6pm BST)
Brighton vs Chelsea (8:15pm BST)
Sheffield Ramsdale; Baldock, Basham, O’Connell, Egan, Stevens; Lundstram, Norwood, Fleck; Mcburnie, Sharp
Bench: Foderingham, Ampadu, Jagielka, Osborn, Berge, McGoldrick, Burke
Wolves Patricio; Boly, Coady, Saiss; Traore, Moutinho, Dendoncker, Marçal; Neto, Jiménez, Podence
Bench: Ruddy, Buur, Vinagre, Silva, Ferreira, Neves, Jota
Ref: Mike Dean
GOAL! 3: Raul Jimenez scores after a Podence cross. SU 0-1 WOL
GOAL! 6: Roman Saiss heads Wolves into a 2-0 lead after a second ball from a corner! SU 0-2 WOL
Both assists so far from Portuguese players, the second by Pedro Neto, even without Neves starting
14: Sheffield United with 56% possession to Wolves’ 44%, 0-3 shots, 0-2 down....
20: Wolves really on the ball, possession stats have reversed over the course of 5 mins. You wouldn’t know that Sheffield United got 4 points in this head-to-head last season based on this.
24: Raul Jimenez’s 3rd? effort of the evening is over the bar. Still no attempts from the home side.
32: The Blades might’ve had something if they weren’t offside, twice, from forward balls!! (Pep meme hehe)
33: John Egan gets the first (yellow) card of the match. Still SU 0-2 WOL
45: HT: SU 0-2 WOL Sheffield United with more yellows (2) than shots (1). Wolves started brilliantly and have more firepower off the bench. See you in 15, lads.
2nd half begins Enda Stevens with a decent effort which went over the bar. Egan fouls, already on a yellow. 0-2
55: Lots of set pieces so far for both sides. Saiss looked closest to capitalising there for Wolves in this half. 0-2
Missed 15 mins for some shifty takeaway “chips”. Didn’t miss a goal, though.
70: Sub for Wolves Buur >> Pedro Neto. Sub for Sheffield United McGoldrick >> O’Connell. Really bold from Wilder, that.
76: WOL sub Neves on for Podence. SHU sub Berge on for Norwood
84: Raul Jimenez hits the bar from very close range! Lad could’ve had a couple tonight, but he’s a top striker nonetheless. Still 0-2
86: Vitinha on for Joao Moutinho.
88: John Egan could’ve scored with that header, though it wasn’t easy. Would’ve spiced up this finale. 0-2
91: Wolves have a shot blocked from Adama. Marçal separately gets his yellow.
94: McBurnie flashes a header wide. Last chance?
96: FT: Sheffield United 0-2 Wolves. Thoughts?
Game 2  
CHE lineup: Kepa; Alonso, Christensen, Zouma, James; Jorginho, Kante, Loftus-Cheek; Werner, Mount, Havertz
Bench: Willy, Rudiger, Dave, Barkley, Hudson-Odoi, Giroud, Abraham
BRI lineup: Ryan; Lamptey, White, Webster, Dijk, March; Alzate, Bissouma, Lallana, Trossard; Maupay
Bench: Steele, Burn, Veltman, Jahanbahksh, Stephens, Connolly, Groß
Ref is Craig Pawson, big boy Kevin Friend on the VAR.
KO The lads take the knee for No Room for Racism. We’re off!
Adam Lallana wearing #14 this season happy noises
4: Brighton not afraid to play out from the back so far. Will it be their strength or their undoing? 0-0
7: Tariq Lamptey looking very positive so far down the right flank for Brighton. Bought on the cheap from the blues, of course. Slowish cagey tempo so far. 0-0
9: Mason Mount nearly drops Werner in one-on-one. Very high Brighton line could’ve been caught out there
11: Chelsea also boasting a high line. Getting condensed in the middle of the park. 0-0
14: Good tAcTiCaL fOuL from the Seagulls to prevent a Werner counter from their corner. 0-0
17: Not much so far from Chelsea’s creative players knocks on wood furiously. Brighton doing well
20: Really nice intricate play in the box from the home side. Not quite the final ball though!
21: Chelsea penalty. Blind pass from BHA player capitalised on by Werner who is fouled while rounding Ryan.
GOAL Gift of a pen. Converted easily by Jorginho. 0-1
25: Chance for Maupay! Header from 10 yards over the bar. Beautiful buildup and a lovely whip from Lamptey. Good response after the goal 0-1
30: Maupay down and being treated. Brighton’s kit really is clean. Favourite kit of the other teams.
32: Naughty! Lamptey megs the murderer down the right. Corner completely flapped by Kepa but not taken advantage of by Brighton. 0-1
35: Alzate drops a shoulder and shoots from the edge of the box well. Saved by Kepa. Brighton earn another corner. Good stuff! Lallana nearly slots Maupay in with a wonderful pass.
40: Lamptey tries a chop and a roulette on halfway lol. It’s his game so far
42: Really wasteful counter for Chelsea lead by RLC and Werner. As dangerous as they’ve been so far tonight.
44: Fs in the chat please. Adam Lallana has a knock and is being seen to by the physio.
Sub: Lallana off, Aaron Connolly. Connolly is #7?! Not quite like for like as Adz was playing 10.
45+2: Werner nearly sneaks one in at Ryan’s near post on the break. Havertz quiet so far
Half-time 0-1 Chelsea lucky to be leading. Their midfield has been shocking and outplayed by Brighton while not giving any good service to the forwards. For all of their good play, Brighton simply haven’t worked the flappabale Kepa enough. Sad for Lallana :(
Aside: Villa having to wait until Monday on week 2 is a long wait. They are making money moves in the market though. Waiting for 2nd half still...
KO We are back!
47: Martin Tyler doesn’t change his tone/excitement but that was a chance for Connolly at the near post from a cross. Side netting
49: Lovely run in the box from deep by Kai Timo jk it’s Lamptey again. Right into Zouma’s mebs
54: GOAL Banger from 20 yards from Trossard on the inside right channel! Chelsea lost the ball from a throw on halfway and Brighton play a Wonderful 20+ pass move before railing it in. Well deserved! 1-1
56: GOAL Reece James scores arguably better goal seconds later after smashing it in from a good 25 yards. What a way to score your first goal. What a night for young English rights backs. Kyle Walker is sweating! 1-2
59: What a match this is!! Lewis Dunk celebrates his new 5-year deal by missing a freeee header from 6 yards after a second cross from a free kick. Awful defending to leave the England International centre half unmarked. BIG moment. 1-2
61: CHE sub. Barkley on for the anonymous RLC
It’s a good match, this. Martin Tyler droning on about how players wear contact lenses... cheers, mate
65: Chelsea seeing more of the ball since the goal. Brighton’s shape is looking solid
66: GOAL Chelsea score a deflected goal from a tame Zouma shot. Somehow it’s 1-3. Someone tell me how...
69: Felt like Lallana was helping Brighton sustain bits of pressure with his assured play. Chelsea aren’t pegged as deep, playing higher now.
73: Tempo has dropped now for Brighton. Counter attack runs stale from March
76: Brighton working it into dangerous crossing positions but no cross of note
80: Subs BHA Ben White, Alzate off for Jahanbahksh and Groß. Sub for CHE: CHO on for Havertz. What a debut! Sure he’ll come good, sadly
83: Chelsea player down for treatment and clock ticks on. Game might be getting away from Brighton when they should have equalised through Lewis Dunk!
CHE sub: Dave replaces Jorginho
86: Potter showing off his flexibility by switching to a back 4 since his subs. They’ve offered precious little threat down their left. Reece James has little to do
89: Get this Brighton side a left back and a striker and they’ll be going places! Chelsea waste an overload in the box by conceding a free kick for a high foot.
90+: It’s the first of four added minutes - Gerraaaaaardddd! Wait, wrong match. More sideways passes and this game trickles to a Chelsea win
93: Football Analyst Alan Smith calling him High-verts....
Tariq Lamptey MOTM despite being a defender for a side losing 3-1. Says it all really
FULL TIME: Brighton 1-3 Chelsea Good play by the home team but a sloppy moment, a wonder strike and a deflected goal win it. Thanks for coming, lads.
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2020.07.14 02:51 Knowbyheart94 Dreams and questions

I lost a close friend to suicide last September. I didn't know he was gone for over a month later. I had a dream about him that prompted me to Google his name and then I saw his obituary. I knew it was suicide because we had spoke. At length in person and in emails over that last few years about those feelings, about death and grieving, and supported one another emotionally over those things. He had lost two siblings only a month or so apart to suicide and struggled with coping. I had list my grandmother, my only mother figure. I confirmed it was a suicide by something his father posted on FB. But, I don't know how and it is shitty to ask.
I feel guilty because 2 years ago we almost finally got together, after 15 years of bad timing but consistent torch carrying for one another. He wanted a different type of relationship than I did ( he was polyamorous), and I had met someone I had strong feelings for who wanted something monogamous and we ended up married pretty quickly.
Myfiance had found writing about this friend and we decided not to continue with friendships of people we had had feelings for. The friend had written to me that it was very difficult to only be friends with me after we had basically admitted our love for one another. A few catch up how are you emails later and I told him that it was not appropriate to be friends anymore. I was pregnant and trying to move forward in life.
I feel guilty for not being a supportive friend for him in his final year. I dont know who he was even able to share his grief with? Maybe like me, he didnt have much support. He admitted at the time we almost got together that he had fallen I to a problem with painkillers.
I didnt really want to stop being friends, but I wanted my marriage to work. It really hasn't been going well either. Anyway in my grief I've felt many things, guilt as if I could have prevented it, guilt for I may have caused more pain than I wanted to, feeling like I have no right to even grieve, questioning my role in his heart and life ( I found posts by another lady friend he had known just as long that sounded incredibly similar to our story), guilty for grieving the death of someone I had strong feelings for while married to someone else.
When we had first met, as teenagers. We had a romantic night where I slept over and the album he played he later gave to me as a memento. I kept it through the years. I noticed as I listened to it online that the date of its release is the same as his death. I wondered if it was intentional? I still listen to it, I have through the years even when we weren't very in touch and on opposite sides of the planet. I looked to purchase it on vinyl last night. The front of the album art work is the enda of a instrument power cord shaped like a heart, but on the back of the album the rest of the chord is tied into a noose.
Needless to say, I now feel more than ever that the date wasnt a coincidence and I added to his pain in life much more than intended. I had a dream of him recently, he said he was trying to come back. That he changed his mind and regretted his choice and was coming back. We had spoken before about dreams of the dead and communication etc. I wish I could speak with a medium.
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2020.07.02 18:25 GarnetAndOpal A Dangerous Game of Cat and Mouse - Part 2 of 3 [MS]

I had had enough. She couldn’t cuff me one minute and tell me she cared about me the next. I turned my back and heard a pained intake of breath from Albertine. This was a waste of my time. I needed to get to Packo’s.
I hoped I hadn’t missed Cleo.
The way back to the seedy side of town went faster than the way to the ritzy end. Maybe it went faster because I was going to see Cleo. Thoughts of her put steam in my stride. Maybe it went faster because I felt the weight of friendship with Albertine lifted. I would never go back there, and she would never let me back in if I did. Maybe the way back was faster simply because it was on a slight downgrade. Whatever the reason, I found myself back in my old haunts before it got dark.
There was still the matter of burgers. Thinking I was probably being a chump, I headed back to the dumpster behind the ma-and-pa place. There shouldn’t have been any more burgers in the dumpster, but I hit the jackpot. I lost count of the burgers as I pitched them into the bag. But where was I going to stash this many burgers? I turned around in circles with a bulging plastic bag full of burgers. Then I thought of Spiny.
Spiny was sitting at the window when I got there, and the sky had turned dusky violet. This time, Stan came to the door. I trotted in with my bag.
Stan leaned over me and made a fuss. I was never comfortable with that. It was not my style to get fondled by guys – but the big lug was harmless enough. As long as he kept his hands above the belt, I let him pat me. When he reached for the bag, though, it was too much. I gave him a short hiss and a spit. He laughed, which only made me more concerned. Then he said something. I couldn’t catch what it was. That was how it went with humans. They were always yapping, but it never made any sense. I stood over the bag, and Stan backed up.
“What’s in the bag?” Spiny asked. “I’d say it smells like cheeseburgers, but I know you. Where would you get that many?”
“Must have been a slow week at the hamburger stand,” I said. “Look, I need a place to stash them.”
“What’s wrong with your office?”
After I told him about what I’d found, he was quiet for a minute. Then he said, “So you’re headed to Packo’s?”
Stupid question. I rolled my eyes at him.
“And you know she’s probably not alone there, right?” He squinted his eyes to nasty little slits. “You know that, right? Harry, she’s been in more laps than a dinner napkin. You could be chasing her around all night. And that’s if she even shows up. She could be sleeping off her last batch of goofy-weed. You would end up sitting there till the sun comes up and Jingle’s boys all come through the door for you.”
It was a chance I was going to take. Just for another fifteen minutes with her.
Stan was out in the kitchen when I left. Spiny was still sitting in his perch.
“Watch my stash till I get back,” I said.
“Sure,” he answered, adding, “if you get back.”
Packo’s was just opening up when I got there, and already the line stretched out along the block, almost to the corner. I wasn’t in the mood for hanging out in the line like some regular club-hopper, so I went straight to the front door.
Billboard was the bouncer that night. Billboard was built like the side of the barn, huge, beyond sturdy. Inky-black with a tiny white moustache, small green eyes set too close together, he had just the right mix of brains and muscle for the job. In other words, lots of muscle, not much brains. As soon as he saw me, he indicated I should go back and get in line.
“Enda da line,” he said.
I flashed the tag on my collar.
“I’m here on an investigation. Let me through so I can get the interviews done.” I fixed my stare on him. “You don’t want me here spoiling everyone’s fun, do you?”
He hesitated, then shuffled to one side, his belly nearly dragging the ground.
“Make-it-snappy, dick,” he said.
I headed straight for the back room. There was always a bunch of cats strung out on catnip in the back room, lying all around like humans strung out on opium. It was a catnip den. I was looking for informants. I would probably find Bambo or his brother Bobo – two tuxedo brothers with a lack of hygiene - maybe Stinky, a misnamed, decent guy usually, or Omigod – a one-eyed tortie with only a stub of a tail left.
I went through the door and looked around. No Bambo or Bobo. No Stinky. No Omigod. There was a crowd of males clustered around a couple of young males tussling on the floor. It wasn’t a real fight, just horseplay and testosterone. The two tussling broke apart for a moment. I thought one of them said something about Cleo!
All eyes turned to me.
“What do you know about Cleo?”
“Cleo?” one of them tittered. “I saw her taking Bobo back behind the garage.”
My claws came out.
“Bobo? Black and white Bobo?” I asked.
“Yeah, Bobo the sucker. She hangs out with him when he has weed. He’s too stupid to figure that out.”
“I don’t believe it,” I said.
One of them fell over. They were all laughing. I saw myself through their eyes. I was just an older chump. I was the punchline to the joke called aging, and these young studs were having a laugh on me. I swung at the nearest one and missed, but I nailed the guy next to him. Pretty soon they were swinging back. I gave as good as I got and then some. If I knocked some lights out, that would make it better – at least that was what I hoped.
My luck ran out. Younger, stronger and strung out, those young cats beat me to a pulp. The only thing that stopped the beating was that I fainted partway through. I woke up in a press of cats. There were twice as many cats in the place as when I first walked in. I couldn’t move without getting stepped on. There was no sign of the young guys who knocked the stuffings out of me. Spiny would have said there was no sign of the train that hit me. I made it to the back door. I hadn’t been out long, judging by the sky. Maybe I could still catch Cleo back of the garage.
The garage was a broken down structure with no doors in the door jambs and no windows in the window frames. Weeds grew higher than my head all around it, and there was a young tree growing in a crack in the floor. It was reverting to the wild. I walked around back. There was debris – every kind of garbage you could think of – piled behind the garage. A paved area behind the garage probably had been used to stack garbage cans years ago, but it was overgrown for the most part. I got closer. There was a sweet smell I couldn’t place. There was also a skunky smell. I placed that smell right away. It was Bobo.
Bobo was standing at the far end of the paved area. As soon as he saw me, he beat it out of there.
Then I recognized the other smell. It was antifreeze. There was also the lingering, minty smell of catnip. I looked down. There was a puddle. Tiny paw prints led away from it. Dimly, I smelled Cleo’s scent.
I put two and two together.
Hopped up on catnip, Cleo was an easy mark for the black and white tom behind the garage. He probably figured out she was using him for his goofy-weed, and it made him mad. He must have tipped over the antifreeze. He probably watched as it soaked her tiny white paws, watched as she licked it off her toes, wrinkling her nose at its sweetness. He watched as the poison ate its way into her head, and the sweet little calico was in more trouble than she could ever get out of alive.
I followed her paw prints until they got too light to see, then I followed her scent. I went faster. I knew where she was headed.
I wished to God I was wrong. She was headed for the street.
Out of her mind on a lethal cocktail of catnip and antifreeze, Cleo stepped out onto the pavement. Maybe she saw the truck before it hit her. Maybe she was already too far gone and her eyes looked into paradise before the big black tires closed her eyes for her. Whether she could have jumped to safety if she had had her senses, none but the driver could say. He hit her full on, no brakes, just a rough patch in the road. Then he was gone.
I heard the impact. I was too late. There was a crumpled pile of fur in the road, like someone had lost a sock and it was just lying there waiting to be found. I ran to her. She had already breathed her last. I didn’t get to tell her I was going to get the lousy son of a cat that did this to her. I promised it in my heart and turned from the ruin in the road. I didn’t get to tell her I loved her.
Cleo. That poor sweet kid never had a chance. I couldn’t get her out of my head. She couldn’t help how she made every male around her feel – she was as much a victim of her beauty as they were. As much a victim as I was. Everywhere I looked I saw a hint of Cleo. She was in the golden slant of sun coming through the window. She was in the fog coming off the river. She was in the glint of a water drop glistening at the end of the faucet. No matter what I did, I couldn’t shake her out of my head.
When I was finally crazy enough, I went looking for a rangy, smelly, black-and-white tom named Bobo. The only place I knew to look for Bobo was Packo’s, but I doubted he would show his face there again, knowing I had to be looking for him.
I started my search in the dumpsters. The first one was no dice: nobody home. The same thing with the second and third. My luck broke on the fourth one. It was always my lucky number: four. I dove in the fourth dumpster and hauled up a squealing, messy rat. It was in the middle of taking a dump. Disgusted, I threw it against the wall. It hit and slid down to the garbage. I walked across to pick it up and throw it against the other wall.
"Stop!” it squeaked.
I threw it as hard as I could. It took another slide down the wall and lay where it landed, one paw in the air as if signaling a halt.
“Didn’t anybody ever tell you not to shit where you eat?” I snarled.
“Please don’t hurt me any more!”
I sat down not too close, not too far away.
“Don’t hurt you? That depends on how much you’re worth. Right now, I’d say all you can offer me is information. If you don’t have any information, I’ll just keep tenderizing you.”
“No, no, please!” I stood up and raised one paw.
“What do you want to know? I’ll tell you anything!”
Stupid rat. It should have said it would tell me everything. I was about to kill it, just for choosing the wrong word to say to me when I was in the wrong frame of mind, but I hesitated.
“It’s about that calico behind Packo’s garage, isn’t it?” the rat jabbered.
I picked it up in my jaws and shook it until my neck ached. Then I dropped it. Putting my paw on its heaving chest, I leaned in and gave it the best whiff of cat-food-flavored breath I could produce as I pronounced these words: “You better tell me everything you know about Bobo if you want to live.”
That’s all it took. The rat spilled his guts. I knew where Bobo lived. I knew Bobo’s human friend’s name. I knew what Bobo ate. How much water he drank. Where he liked to bird-watch. What brand of litter he preferred. Which females he visited. When the wretched rat was done spilling his guts, I tore his throat out. The rat was only the first in a short list of dead bodies in the trail I would leave behind. Next on the list was Bobo. After that, I didn’t care what happened to me.
I wasted no time getting to Bobo’s place. He and Bambo lived in an apartment with a down-on-his-luck human named Ray. I hid in the bushes by the back door. I watched Bambo come out a broken pane in the back door and wander down the alley. Several minutes later, Bobo squeezed out through the same pane. He followed his brother’s path down the alley, and I sneaked along behind him, pussy-footing like a ghost-cat. He must have felt me somehow. He stopped. I stopped. He looked over his shoulder.
“What’s up, Chuck?” I asked.
He scooted. When he got to the intersection of the alley and the road, he took a wild look to each direction, then ran across the street, right up a driveway. There was a fence on each side of the driveway. It was the wrong move. I couldn’t say why he chose that route, but I was glad he did.
I had him cornered.
“It wasn’t me!” he screamed.
My right paw connected with his head. Before he could react, I hit him with my left, and twice with my right.
“I swear it wasn’t me!”
“I saw you. Quit lying.”
He flipped on his back and held up his paws.
“Yeah. Yeah. I was there all right. I was there with Cleo. Then this huge dog came, so I ran away. I told Cleo to run, but she stayed. When I came back, the dog was gone. There was antifreeze all over and you showed up.”
I punched him in the eye.
“Liar. There was no dog there.”
“Yes, there was. A big white dog.”
A big white dog? I put away my claws for the moment.
“A huge, ugly dog like something out of a nightmare? A hundred and twenty pounds of brutality? Big, meaty head, all tongue and spit? Was that the dog you saw?”
His head bobbled up and down.
“You’re giving it to me straight?”
He sobbed, “I’m telling you the truth, Harry. I didn’t give Cleo antifreeze. I loved her.”
His words took the wind out of me. I sat down.
“You swear? You swear you would never hurt her?”
Bobo’s breath was coming out in jagged sobs.
“I would never hurt her. We were going to run away together. Just the two of us. Then that dog showed up.” Here, his eyes got crazed. “It was like the dog was looking for her. He knew her name.” He sat up and looked me in the eye. “How would a dog like that know her name?”
I wanted to throw him down again and grab him by the throat, but instead I just unsheathed my claws. “Tell me what he said to her, word for word.”
Bobo shuddered as he said, “So you’re Cleo?” Then he fell silent.
“That’s it?” I stared him down. That was all he heard before he turned tail and ran, leaving the love of his life alone with that hound from hell?
I couldn’t keep from clobbering him again. If he had screwed up enough courage, just five minutes worth of courage, maybe I would have gotten there in time to save Cleo’s life. When I couldn’t lift my paws any more, I stopped beating him.
“You cowardly piece of filth. Your love isn’t worth much, is it? You saved your skin and left her to that monster. Get out of my sight. If I ever see you again, I won’t stop beating you up until your lungs stop working.”
He crawled away, because he couldn’t walk. I resisted the temptation to bash him in the head and jump on his back as he crawled. Unless he was unlucky enough to cross my path again, I decided to let him live, knowing what he had done and how he had failed her. Besides, I had to save my strength for my last act on the planet. Somehow, I was going to avenge Cleo’s death on a savage beast twenty times my size – or die trying.
The sun was coming up. I felt like I was coming to the last of my nine lives. I had to hole up and get some shut-eye or I might not last long enough to get Malice back.
I started toward Spiny’s place. He wasn’t home. It was the damnedest thing. Stan wasn’t there either. I found the upstairs bathroom window open. It was a royal pain in the neck climbing up there, but since my choice was either climb in the house or nap out in the open, I chose to climb. My back was burning by the time I got inside. I limped back downstairs to Spiny’s perch. He had left it on.
It must have been an hour later when I woke up to Stan patting me on the head. I gave him a perfunctory swipe of the paw, catching nothing but the air next to him. He cooed at me, but he left me alone. Wise human. When he shuffled away, I looked up. Spiny was wearing his fuzzy red sweater again. All the wrinkles in his face were arranged in a frown.
“Hey, hey, Harry.”
Whatever. I was in too bad a mood to answer.
“Glad to see you’re resting up. Did you get the number?”
“Number of what?”
“The number of the truck that hit you?”
I sighed. “Very funny, Spiny. I need more shut-eye.”
“Sure. Whatever you need.” He cuddled up in the chair across from the perch, snuggling against the back of the chair. “I can’t help noticing that I’m seeing a lot of you lately.” He held up a paw. “Not that I mind. But I’m not stupid, and I can put two and two together. It seems like you’re running low on friends.”
I rolled my eyes. He went on, “I know losing Gustaff was tough, and totally not your fault – ”
I interrupted him: “Leave Gus out of this.” Gus had been my partner for three years before the leukemia took him. Spiny was darned tooting: Gus’ death was not my fault.
“Suddenly, you’re not Albertine’s favorite tomcat.”
I fixed him with a level stare.
“Yeah. That’s a two-way thing.”
After a moment, Spiny said, “And the word is that your sources are drying up, too.”
I was going to tell him my sources were fine, but there was something in his tone.
“What are you talking about?” He shook his head.
“Word on the street is that nobody’s talking to you any more. Bobo is gone, and Bambo blames you. None of the other snitches and rats – particularly rats! – want anything to do with you. Harry, I’ve been your informant since I could remember, and I’ve been your friend just as long, whether you saw it or not. I’m telling you this: something big is coming. Even with Stan here, this place might not be enough to protect you.”
I got the point.
“Fine. I’ll get my burgers and leave.”
“Harry! It’s not like that.”
I looked him in the eye.
“I know that amount of burger attracts just the wrong sort of low-life. I get it. I’ll just get my bag and be out of your way.”
That was the last time I saw Spiny. This just was not working out to be my day, in a long list of days that weren’t my day either. It wasn’t my week. It wasn’t my year. I was beginning to think it wasn’t my life. I couldn’t admit it to him, but I saw the point he was driving home: I was running out of places to run. I also couldn’t tell him that I didn’t see it as a long-term problem. With Malice out to get me, and me out to get Malice, I didn’t have much longevity.
But I did have a monstrously huge bundle of burgers looking for a home. I set out for the business district.
I found Jingles sitting in his office. There were no less than ten chew-toys strung about the room. The air was filled with the smell of plastic and dog-hair.
“Harry!” he sang out, just as if nothing was wrong.
I walked over and slung the bag of burgers down in front of him.
“Here’s a bunch of burgers,” I said, “enough to get you and your boys off my back.”
His mouth fell open.
He looked genuinely surprised.
“You sent Malice to shake six more burgers out of me, remember?”
Jingles shook his head.
“Don’t act stupid, Jingles. Malice. Big ugly mug. He’s a nightmare in a black leather collar.” I could see I wasn’t making a dent. “You know, the white-haired bull mastiff.”
That’s when it dawned on him. I saw the light bulb go on in his head.
He said, “I know the guy you mean. He’s not one of my boys, I swear to you, Harry. He’s not mine. He’s been messing with my boys, and now it looks like he’s shaking down my customers. He’s too big for me to take on, and too big for my boys, too, even if they all went in together. He’s a monster.” He shook his head, then looked up at me. “What am I going to do?”
“I don’t know what you’re going to do, but I got a pretty clear idea what I’m going to do.”
His voice got shrill: “What are you going to do?”
“I’m going to rest his rotten soul.”
I turned to leave.
“Harry!” I kept going. “Harry!” I kept walking. “Harry! Fine! Get yourself killed.”
For lack of a better plan, I headed back to Packo’s. I wasn’t stupid enough to think I could squeeze any information out of the snitches there. The last time I was there, I got my pelt kicked. I headed there because it was the last place Malice had been seen. If he had been back there, I would find it out. A dog that big leaves prints. A dog of any size stands out in the crowd at Packo’s.
Spiny was right. I had a foot-wide swatch of open space everywhere I moved at Packo’s. I couldn’t catch anyone’s eye. I couldn’t even catch the bartender’s eye. I put my elbow on the bar. A cockroach ran up the bar toward me, stopped, waved its crazy little antennas and busted his ass running back the way he came.
“Is it my looks?” I asked no one in particular.
I went out the front door and saw Billboard pulverizing a half-grown kitten.
He drew back his huge paw and whacked the kid out into the street.
“Don’t come back,” he intoned.
“Give the kid a break,” I suggested.
Billboard turned his back to me, so I walked around him to face him. He turned away. I walked around. For a few more repeats, we danced around each other. Then he turned and walked inside, slamming the door.
I was truly alone. If I had been in a philosophical mood, I might have asked myself where I was headed and for what purpose. If I had been inclined to psychological analysis, I might have asked why I felt the need to destroy everything I valued. If I had been anything but angry and afraid, I would have asked myself all kinds of questions. That wasn’t how I was. Angry, scared, all I could think of was how I was going to find Malice now. The world had turned against me.
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2020.06.08 03:28 TheycallmeMsMarie What is happening on Monday 6/8

As we've seen so much in the past couple of days, it's all too easy for a well-funded and well-organized organization like We Are Love Denver (WALD) to come in and trample over the work that other, more established activists have been doing. Seriously, who has the pull to bring the Broncos on stage after a week of existence? If you see them starting to take over the narrative again and silence other activists (often Black women), even something as simple as chanting "Let her speak" can be effective and get them to back down. This is your movement. Stay angry and keep holding the police and government accountable. We still only have a temporary restraining order against the use of tear gas and rubber bullets and SB217 hasn't passed yet (IT GOES TO THE SENATE TODAY, CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE: Take Political Action)
These are the events I'm aware of so far:
11:15 - 1:30 CAAPV Rally with Colorado State Public Defenders Denver Lindsay Flanigan Court Info: The National Association of Public Defense is organizing a mass public defender protest to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and to commemorate the lives of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, two black lives that were taken from us too soon at the hands of police. The Colorado State Public Defenders - Denver Office will be joining this effort. We ask all individuals in support of the PD's (Public Defenders) and CAAPV to be there in support of this protest. Bring your signs; the Colorado Senate is voting on SB20-217 tomorrow
Peaceful Protests
Info: Anytime is a good time for a protest! YOU DO NOT NEED AN ORGANIZED EVENT TO STAND UP FOR JUSTICE, if you go out people will be there! These are the usual time that gatherings start to happen on the west lawn of the Capitol: Noon to 10PM there is currently no curfew in Denver
5:30pm - 7:30pm Virtual Legal Observers Training
The CO National Lawyers Guild is holding a Virtual Legal Observers Training today from 5:30-7:30, more info can be found at https://www.nlgcolorado.org/
5:30pm - 9:30pm Denver City Council Meeting Organizer: Denver City Council I'm not aware of any specific agenda items related to the protests, but it is always good to make your voice heard, and involve yourself in the local political process.
Link: https://m.facebook.com/events/1304455279732395/?event_time_id=1436344009876854
Update: There's a 30 minute "general public comment session" before the city council meeting tonight starting at 5 https://www.denvergov.org/content/denvergov/en/denver-city-council/news/2020/week-of-june-8--2020-meeting-schedule-and-agendas.html
Free COVID testing is available, and has been encouraged for anyone attending the protests. Keep in mind, the median incubation period is 6 days, so don't get tested immediately after exposure. Here's a link with more info:
The below is copy-pasted from previous daily threads:
WHAT SHOULD YOU BRING (for daytime events)?
Legal resources (compiled by u/TaroPeril)
Report DPD to the city
Report to ACLU
Take Political Action (thanks to u/ChristinaMH)
Personal streams (timing varies):
Groups to Follow
We recommend you follow these groups because their messaging is most consistent with the narrative of actual reform (not pre-mature hand holding and singing).
PSL: https://m.facebook.com/denverPSL/
BLM5280: https://m.facebook.com/BlackLivesMatter5280/
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2020.06.01 01:22 Aslit11 Hannah - Ulrich theory

Just watched the series in two days. Trying to find an explanation for obsessive feelings Hannah has for Ulrich. She loves him but also wants to finish him. Is she just a psycho or is there more?
It is curious why she married Mikkel. She obviously was not in love with him. What if the reason is because she was already pregnant with Ulrich's baby? She had to marry Mikkel and hates Ulrich, because he probably doesn't even remember or care that they slept together and she enda up with a melancholic husband. If the English subtitles are accurate, while visiting Ulrich in the asylum she said something like "he said I wouldn't need anyone". My theory is she meant not needing anyone to raise a baby and "he" who said it could be Mikkel or possibly a time traveller like Noah. Further, young Jonas looks a lot more like young Ulrich than either of his parents.
Of course, this makes Jonas and Martha half siblings, which makes it even yuckier but also biblical. Figuring this out, may be the final straw before he becomes Adam, remember Eve, too, was forbidden. On the plus side, Mikkel can now be rescued without a threat to Jonas's existence.
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2020.04.07 17:49 OriginalDogan Looking for ethically made, preferably European, athletic shoes

Howdy. Trying to hunt down some good general purpose athletic shoes that are preferably made in Europe, but I'd settle for anywhere with a functional EPA and good factory conditions. No leather, no canvas. I don't run so I have no need for super spectacular spaceage energy return ultralight running shoes, definitely prefer modern style to flat bottom sneakers. Given up on finding made in USA or Canada. Price range below $300USD Would love some suggestions!
Currently in the running:
Geisswein WoolCrossX (sadly out of the size color combo I want)
Mizuno TC-01 or TC-02
Lunge Classic Run or Neo Run
Enda Iten (need to do more research into their factory conditions)
Tisza are on the list just because they tickle me for some reason.
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2020.03.31 16:21 midniteauth0r I'm a grievance counsellor helping the recently deceased. My colleague isn't the only one experiencing things out of the ordinary... [Part 2]

Part 1.
The cold sensation of a bag of frozen peas on my head reverberates around my skull as Grá hands me a cup of tea and places a bowl of bourbon creams in front of me before opening a naggin of Jameson and taking a large swig.
“Ya sure ya don’t want me to Irish up that tea for ya?” she asked while shaking the bottle in my face in a playful manner. I hadn’t touched a drink for 15 years, not since a daily cocktail of whiskey, vodka and Valium cost me my life, marriage and relationship with my son. Nobody tells you what being a grievance counsellor really entails and when you get thrown into the deep end you either sink or swim, me? I stayed afloat but barely, and mostly thanks to alcohol and pills, eventually my wife Maria had enough, she packed her bags and took my son Martin to Toronto to live with her parents. The last time I saw him was in a drug and drink fuelled haze as he stared out the back window of his mother’s speeding car.
“No, thanks. If any crazy shit was going to get me back on the gargle it was that crazy shit we just saw but I can’t. I just can’t” I replied while clutching an I LOVE BANGKOK mug with both my hands and taking a few small sips of the scalding hot tea - a little milk, no sugar.
“Aye, you’re probably right there, bud. This stuff ruined me Granda’s life, me father never touched the stuff cause of it.” Grá replied while throwing her feet still encased in overly large boots onto the table. There was a moment of silence as both of us drank our respective drinks and pondered about the lunacy we had just witnessed.
“That was some crazy shit back there. I’ve never seen anything like it” Grá said.
“Yeah it was mental, not a normal day at the office that’s for sure. I fucked up bad...poor Jonass. His uncle is going to literally kill me” I replied while reaching out and grabbing two bourbons from the bowl.
“Who’s his uncle?” Grá responded. “Mikel Eriksen, the Ghost Hunter of Copenhagen. He’s a good friend of mine. He got me out of a pickle back in the day and I’ve owed him ever since, that’s why I took Jonass on as my assistant and that’s why I have to find him and sort all this Fear Dearg bullshit out.” I replied while gorging on the chocolate delights Grá had gifted me with, my days of drinking to combat stress were long over but combating it with chocolate may never end. Grá got up from her seat and grabbed her phone from the charger over in the corner, she picked up her coat and put it on before signalling me to get up.
“Well if you really are planning to take on a Celtic Demon face-to-face then I have someone you need to meet, come on.”
One hour and thirty minutes later and we were in the town of Ferbane, Co.Offaly to meet Ferdia Joyce, a gypsy demon hunter who Grá described as “a fucking crazy bastard but the exact kind of crazy bastard we need”. Ferdia was born under a curse from a follower of Carman, the Celtic Goddess of Dark Magic, his grandmother was a powerful gypsy witch and was able to save her grandson but not her daughter. Due to the chaos magic involved in Ferdia’s birth he can harbour dark magic himself, this coupled with his knowledge of Celtic mythology and the occult makes him a skilled demon hunter and the kind of person we needed.
We met Ferdia in a pub called the Fox and Wolf, he was sat at the bar drinking a pint of Murphys and watching a game of football on the tele, he was an average looking man as average as someone could look; he was of average height and weight, he had short brown hair and brown eyes and he wore a pair of black jeans paired with an early 2000s Celtic FC jersey and a long, sandy-coloured trench coat, the only part of him that stood out was a large tattoo on the back of his left hand depicting a Death’s-head hawkmoth.
Murphys over Guinness? You really do have the worst taste, Ferdia” Grá proclaimed while slapping the unsuspecting demon hunter on the back, he turned quickly in his chair as if ready to fight her until he saw who was talking to him, upon seeing Grá he lit up and a smile was painted across his face.
“Grá! Ya wee legend, how are ye? How long has it been?” Ferdia responded while standing up and grabbing Grá in a tight squeeze which she reciprocated.
“Not since that party in Dolphins Barn. What a night that was!” she replied as both of them erupted into laughter, until Ferdia noticed me standing behind his friend.
“Who’s the silver fox? You back being a sugar baby, Grá? Not enough money guarding Collins in Glasnevin, eh?” he replied while pointing his index finger almost directly in my face.
“This is my friend Setanta O’Sullivan, he is a grievance counsellor and he needs your help. We are dealing with some bad shit” Grá explained while pushing me forward in front of her.
“Ah, Cú Chulainn killed us both, buddy.” he said while reaching his hand out and shaking mine.
“So what can I help ya wit-” he asked before being cut short by a large, bald man behind him who had two equally bald but much larger men standing each side of him with arms crossed. “Ferdia, ya wee pikey bastard. What the fuck are ya doing here? I thought you were barred from here ya dirty fucking knacker” the man said to Ferdia as his two stooges heavily laughed beside him.
“Nah, that’s you predicting the future again, Mikey.” Ferdia replied before letting out a large sigh and grabbing an empty pint glass on the counter. “Ya racist fucking cunt!” he shouted as he spun around and smashed the pint glass over Mikey’s head knocking him out cold, Ferdia turned and punched one of Mikey’s friends in the face before the other uppercutted him off his feet, this brought Grá into the fight as she lifted a stool and smashed it over the back of the man before helping Ferdia up off the sawdust-covered ground. I stood frozen to the spot as this all played out before me.
After we were obviously kicked out of the bar we went back to Ferdia’s cabin on the outskirts of town to discuss our issue, the cabin was made of pristine, varnished wood and had a large black triangular roof on it, out the front was a small balcony with two garden chairs and a small round desk between them. The inside of the cabin was beautifully furnished and as clean as a whistle, not what you would expect when first meeting Ferdia but first thoughts are often proven false. We took a seat on his couch and explained the situation with Bishop Valentine, Jonass and Fear Dearg. Ferdia was sure to laugh at us for even allowing Valentine to takeover Jonass in the first place.
“Can you help us or not because the longer Valentine is out there the more chance he has of doing serious damage to people” I whined
“Oh aye, I can help ya. We just need one thing.” he explained
“A Cauldron Mushroom, they are needed for the exorcism potion and we are in luck. They grow in a forest nearby...but we are also out of luck”
“Why?” I asked hoping he wouldn’t look for another reason to make a badly timed joke at my expense.
“The forest is protected by a Banshee.” he responded while handing a dog treat to his tiger-striped greyhound OJ.
“Oh great” Grá responded as OJ yapped delightfully. I wished I could relate to his happiness at that moment.
We took Ferdia’s horse and cart to the forest, the trip was less than an hour but hunting a psychopathic, undead Bishop can really take it out of you and I dozed off, though I wish I hadn’t. I fell into a deep, unsettling dream on the back of the cart. I was standing naked in an open field covered in snow but I felt no coldness on my body, in the distance I could see someone sitting on the ground. I walked towards the person but every step I took brought me further away from them the distance from the person becoming greater and greater and greater until the ground gave out beneath me and I fell into darkness. “The Mortal Coil will free you from your sins” said a strange voice that echoed around me as I fell and fell until I landed on the floor of my home surrounded by empty bottles of alcohol and sleeping pills. I struggled to my feet as my watch buzzed on my wrist, the time read 00:16, I eventually got up from the ground and raised my head to see my wife and son across from the room from me. Once again I stepped forward and once again the floor became elongated and their distance grew from me, my wife looked up at me as her eyes began to bleed and she let out a large screech which dropped me to my knees. My son walked towards me, he wore a large hooded robe and his eyes glowed a bright yellow. He squatted down, lifted a bottle up from the floor and began to examine it closely.
“Parents are not to be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their parents; each will die for their own sin.” he said in a distorted voice before smashing the bottle over my head. I jolted forward on the cart and screamed, OJ woke from his more peaceful nap, walked over to me and curled right up beside me. I put my hand out and rubbed his soft, orange and black fur. “Man’s best friend, eh?” said Ferdia. “That was some scream, you might be able to match the Banshee when we get there” Ferdia joked while reaching into a sack beside him and throwing us a bag of amber dust.
“That reminds me, both of you throw some of that over yourself and inhale. It’s a numbing agent that will protect your ears from the Banshee’s wail. You’ll still bleed from your ears but you won’t go deaf”
“That’s great. I love bleeding from my ears, it's way better than bleeding from your nose or eyes!” Grá jokingly blurted out bringing us all to laughter.
A few moments later and we reached the foot of the forest, Ferdia tied his horse Boru up and we proceeded through the forest. It was quiet, the only sounds were our feet breaking branches on the leafy floor, the wind whistling through the trees and Ferdia humming the sound of Come Out Ye Black and Tans. We wandered through the forest for around ten minutes before we reached a large, treeless circle in the centre of the forest, in the middle of the circle was a clump of moss with four large mushrooms. Grá noticed them first and began to jog over to the moss. “Grá no!” screamed Ferdia as a louder and more high-pitched scream burst from out of the trees and knocked Grá off her feet, the sound was deafening and I could feel my eardrums shake and rupture in my head. I put my hands over my ears and fell to the floor writhing in pain. Ferdia stood strong in the face of the blistering howl. Out from the trees I could see a brown and rotten corpse float above the ground, it wore a dirty white dress which hung down to its feet, the sleeves cut off just before its hands each home to five long fingers with razor sharp nails. The Banshee had long, wet black hair that hung down over its face like a veil. Her screams ripped through the trees almost uprooting them from the ground, Ferdia continued to stand firm as he pushed towards the Banshee, his eyes glowing an obsidian black as he pushed forward. The Banshee momentarily stopped screaming and flew at Grá who was struggling to her feet, the Banshee lifted Grá from her feet and slammed her against a tree trunk before digging her large nails into Grá’s torso, I felt helpless on the floor as my friend let out a scream of pain. Ferdia dug his fingers into his mouth and let out a large whistle that echoed in the open. “OJ you’re up, buddy” he exclaimed as his hound's eyes glowed yellow and his bones began to contort and enlarge. OJ morphed before my eyes, his hind-legs grew out backwards as his back arched and his spine widened. His front legs bent at an elbow and his toes grew out into fingers and toes. The once orange and black Greyhound stood up on his hind legs standing over seven feet tall, his fur completely silver, his mouth sporting razor sharp fangs and his eyes a golden yellow. I was blown away by what I was witnessing and all words escaped me bar
“Holy fuck”
OJ bolted at the Banshee, throwing his arms into the ground and dragging himself forward across the mossy surface, the ground itself shook as his powerful body torpedoed itself at the wraith. OJ clashed with the Banshee and knocked her back onto the ground, Grá fell downwards and gasped for air as I found the capacity in my body to stand up and run to check on her. OJ slashed at the Banshee, his blade-like claws whistling as they cut through the air and into the Banshee. OJ was quick but the Banshee was quicker as she floated out of the way of a flurry of his blows before bellowing a devastating screech in his direction. The sheer power of the scream knocking OJ back and to the floor, the Banshee kept her screams directed at OJ as he struggled to get up from his knees. The Banshee was momentarily distracted as Ferdia shot a golden bullet from a revolver, the bullet whizzed through the air and skimmed off the head of the Banshee opening up a sizeable cut, OJ pounced on the temporary halt of screeching and sliced the Banshee across the torso slashing her dress open and knocking a large green comb from her person and to the floor, the Banshee retaliated with a scream in OJ’s direction before stopping at the sight of Ferdia standing ten metres from her, his eyes glowing black with a manic smile covering his face and her comb in his hands. Ferdia snapped the comb in half and the Banshee wailed and slumped to the floor. The Banshee sobbed and wailed on the floor before breathing in and attempting to scream.
“Now Grá!” Ferdia shouted as he did Grá pushed me off her, leapt to her feet and screamed with her arms pointing outwards towards the Banshee. “Stopagaigh anois!” she chanted stopping the Banshee in her tracks for mere seconds but mere seconds was all Ferdia needed as the Death’s-head hawkmoth mark on his hand glowed with his eyes and he reached deep into his soul to muster the dark magic of Carman, a large black ball of dark energy formed in his hand as he hurled it at the Banshee completely obliterating her. Ferdia’s eyes rolled back in his head before his body collapsed and slumped to the floor. A few metres away from him OJ had returned to his regular form and was unconscious, myself and Grá collected the mushrooms in a bag and carried the two warriors back to the cart. I sat in a state of shock while controlling Boru on the way back to Ferbane, Grá lay in the cart with Ferdia and OJ, holding a cloth to her wound.
“Are you okay? You aren’t going to bleed out on me are you?” I asked in an effort to break the deafening silence.
“No, I’ll be fine, it’s more of a flesh wound anyway.” she replied before jokingly remarking
“I’ll need to get a tattoo over the scars. ‘My first Banshee attack’, it will be cool”
“I didn’t know Ferdia had that in him...or OJ for that matter.” I replied hoping for some explanation into the weird events I had just witnessed. I had been a grievance counsellor for some time and I had seen some crazy shit but watching a dog turn into a werewolf and fight a Banshee sure as hell takes the cake.
“Ferdia was born from dark magic, a demon follower of Carman was meant to be born from his body but his Granny stopped that. The chaos magic still remains and he can tap into it but at a heavy cost, sometimes he can completely lose control and the darkness in his soul can take over. That’s why he doesn’t tap into it often.“ she explained while petting OJ’s sleeping body. “As for OJ, he’s a Wulver, they are similar to a werewolf but they were never human so they can never change back to a human. When OJ rests he changes back to a normal dog.”
“They are a good team and what you witnessed back there is the reason I brought you to meet Ferdia. If anyone on this island can beat Valentine and bring Jonass back it’s Ferdia and OJ”
After what I saw it was hard to disagree with Grá, she was a skilled sorceress in her own right but the power Ferdia had was truly immense. He could come across as a drunken idiot but it was obvious to me that was a facade, what lay beneath was a cunning and calculated hunter, the kind that people like Bishop Valentine feared more than anything. Ferdia was unconscious for some time before he came to, he was dazed at first but after drinking some water and getting some food into his system he was back to normal and cracking jokes as always. “...and you man, ah for fuck sake we could have left you back with the horse.” he said while slapping me on the back. “Frozen to the spot ya were I fucking thought you turned into a snowman at one stage. Fuck me man, I thought you had experience with spirits and all that.”
“I do, just usually more friendly and confused spirits. Not wailing wraiths with the ability to slice your throat open!” I responded while eating a ham and cheese toastie I had gifted to myself as I made Ferdia food. “Ah that’s fair to be honest you don’t see a Wulven fight a Banshee every day. What a fucking fight that was. I’ll have to get OJ a bag of pig ears for that.” Ferdia said, the claim causing OJ to lift his head and perk his ears up.
“Do ye two want to grab a drink? I’m not barred from Enda’s so we can grab one there” Ferdia rhetorically asked as we grabbed our coats and headed into the town towards the pub. When we got there I grabbed myself a ginger ale and two pints for the magicians. The laughs and fun continued also, Ferdia found it easy to rip on me but Grá had his number when they went at each other.
“Fuck off you. The fearless Ferdia Joyce hunter of demons but too scared to ask a girl at a party for her number” Grá wailed as we all erupted into laughter before a newscast on the TV halted our laughter. A blonde haired reporter stood with a large RTÉ microphone in her hand, she was in front of a Garda crime scene cordoned off by tape, in the background was a completely burned out transit van. “Yes, Michael. The explosion went off this evening on the border of South Armagh and North Louth. The van exploded here in the village and ripped through the streets injuring nine people and killing three. The Gardaí had initially thought it to be the work of a new paramilitary group but in the last hour a group calling themselves the Prophets of Valentine have taken responsibility for the attack. The group had this to say” “We are the Prophets of Valentine. We know the answer. We have freed three souls and we will free countless more. This is just the beginning”
“You will know the truth. You will see our truth, free your soul from its mortal casket”
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2020.03.23 21:32 AutoGif love, music, 80s, up, broadway, teenager, dublin, love story, sing street, john carney, sony broadway, drive it like you stole it, lyceum theatre, the riddle of the model, enda walsh, new york theater workshop, rebecca taichman

love, music, 80s, up, broadway, teenager, dublin, love story, sing street, john carney, sony broadway, drive it like you stole it, lyceum theatre, the riddle of the model, enda walsh, new york theater workshop, rebecca taichman submitted by AutoGif to gifbot [link] [comments]

2020.03.10 19:46 modernyouth Extra Ordinary (2019) - This Irish paranormal dark comedy is bound to be a cult classic.

I, fortunately, had the pleasure of seeing this twice at Alamo here in the US. Definitely worth checking out whenever and wherever you can.
It's full of incredibly hilarious moments while also managing to be genuinely heartwarming. Claudia O'Doherty and Will Forte seamlessly steal every scene they're in and Maeve Higgins & Barry Ward are downright delights throughout the film.
I hope this film gains a cult following over the course of time, assuming it won't be widely consumed by a mainstream audience during it's theatrical US run. You can tell Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman put their heart and soul into directing this charming film- it's a blast. In my opinion, it deserves much more love and praise than it has already gotten.
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2020.02.22 22:15 kalleryan Werner Herzog

This is a pretty weird niche parody I made about the famous German New Wave filmmaker Werner Herzog.
At my monthly Brownbread Mixtape show I would regularly write radio style comedy sketches to be performed by myself and our resident sketch troupe The Brownbread Players (Gus McDonagh, Eva Bartley and Sean McDonagh). I have been a huge Werner Herzog fan for many moons and something tickled me about trying to do one of his earnest and odd documentary style pieces about inner city Dublin. Gus also did a great Dublin accent and so I wrote it specifically with him in mind for the part. It started to flow pretty quickly as I wrote it, but then something wasn’t fully clicking. Suddenly the Joycean elements popped in my head and it came together really sharply then. The closing monologue lifted from The Dead by James Joyce really elevated the piece from pure silly parody to something slightly more profound, just like a proper Herzog piece. It was one of the most odd and surprisingly popular sketches we ever did.
Enda Roche who ran the monthly Brownbread Mixtape show with me was studying audio engineering at the time at Windmill Lane, and decided to do a studio version of it as a project one semester, and so the studio version linked above was born. The sparse twangy guitar lends a lovely feel to it (and echoes the Herzog film soundtrack to Grizzly Man very nicely), and the sound effects of the chipper give it a nice documentary feel.
The sketch subsequently got incorporated into my award nominated Fringe show The Definitive View with Sneachta Ni Mhurchu, and a slight rewrite made it slightly softer and more empathetic to the skanger character. It had never fully sat right with me that he was an object of pure ridicule of the piece, and in the new version I made him more a victim of the harsh Irish government and society. In that show we had an ethereal piano piece to accompany it, and I felt it lifted the piece even further into a poignant piece about the forgotten faces on our streets.
It is still a piece of writing I am very proud of and it really proved to me that even the most obscure reference points can prove to be hugely popular if framed in a comedic setting, as the audience doesn’t need to know who Herzog is in this case, but if they do, it adds an additional layer. Plus I love doing Werner Herzog impersonations. I think it’s my true artistic calling in life.
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2020.02.20 17:05 Avendosora I am so sick and tired of all the little things!

I seriously just need to vent! I am so sick and tired of all the little things that keep adding up in my life!! I want to scream.
My job is driving me batshit insane. I hate what I'm doing but I cant just quit. The pay is way more than I could expect to make anywhere else with my wualifications/lack there of but oh my god do I hate not being good at it. I hate that it's all heavy equipment with little to no finesse involved. I HATE that I havent been there long enough to run the one peice of equipment I might actually be good at because its reserved for the more senior workers. I HATE that I cant seem to ever be going good enough to satisfy my primary supervisor. I hate the sexist work comments and that I often fail at doing well because of my literal size and weight (I'm 5 ft and 100 lbs and the stoper and jackleg weigh almost as much as I do thus I can't effectively use them by myself without risking serious injury or death in the event of something going wrong. I hate that the scoop hydraulics get stuck/lag. I hate that even though after 7 months I can go over a panel set up from start to finish, know and understand the technicalities of ground support, can identify every god damned clayseam, follow a crack, identify issues with ground etc... that I'm labed "just not knowledgable enough/still dont know anything" by my co workers and NEVER given a chance to display that knowledge without some back handed yeah you only know that because I told you that when half the time its NO I LEARNED THAT FROM RESEARCH AND ASKING QUESTIONS ASSHOLE!!!
I HATE that no matter how much I strive to be better I am shut down immediately or chastised for being too talkative or asking too many questions/trying to learn too fast. I am so fricken pissed off.
On top of that I want to change jobs. I have a passion for learning. I want so badly to be in an office with actual interesting work to do. Safety and or planning. But
  1. I cannot afford to take the time off for education because I have child support and half a mortgage and groceries and a car payment.
  2. I have to fix my car because my bf hit a bucket on the highway and he cant afford to loose points on his license and I have a perfect driving record that I dont want to damage.
  3. Every damned time I manage to get some savings something comes up that needs work that my bf cannot cover because who knows
  4. Anytime I get time off I end up spending it at home doing nothing but watching his kids because hes working nights and still wants to spend time with them and I feel guilty if I impede his ability to see his kids.
  5. Anytime we have something planned for us it gets cancelled because of work schedules or just falls through
  6. Anything I want to do is marginalized because his kids and his time take precedence over me and my wants
  7. I cant seem to get out of this stupid spiral of get job have money need more to do what I ACTUALLY WANT TO DO but cannot seem to ever stay ahead long enough to do it.
I feel like a god damned failure of a person because anything I try I fail at because of something stupid me did in the past to fuck over future me. I tried to go to university last year but got denied student loans because 18 year old me fucked that up (I'm repaying old loan now properly but its gonna take years to fix that mess) Child support is my fault because I had 2 kids instead of using other options available to me at the time because I was young and stupid. I quit the military even though it was probably the best thing I'd ever done with my life because I thought it would make my husband love me more (nope failed that) I left my scaffolding career because my current bf didnt like me working out of town and I want to keep him happy when that was probably the best thing I've done since the military!! I spent my saving over christmas because I wanted to make sure everyone had a good xmas and now I regret it!! Got my hopes up about a trip to alaska over the summer for some hiking and bouldering but it's not going to happen because now my bf is scared his DUIs (from like 16 years ago, long before I knew him) will prevent him from travelling into the states/back into canada.
Anytime I mention travel I get shut down because of the pets/bf no longer works the same schedule/all his free time is for the kids and he hates the idea of me travelling on my own because I'm a friendly person who will gasp speak with other men on my travels and hes afraid someone will accost me/charm my panties off?
I cannot for the life of keep our house clean and organized. I have no space that's MINE like at all. The office was supposed to be mine but that obviously didnt happen because it enda become a catch all for everything. And now even though I still want it and try to empty it out hes contemplating tearing down the wall and making it part of his daughter's room.
I cant do anything during the day right now because hes sleeping and the smallest noises wake him up. I'm tasked with trying to keep 3 children 13 12 and 9 quiet during the day in the winter while they're off school so he can sleep.
The only escape I have is my ballet classes. And I loaded up on those this year so I could have more ME time. And of course I get some flack for that as well. Because it takes up so much of my free time not that it matters because he isnt even home when I have classes anymore anyway!!
I'm just so god damned fed up and sick and tired of so much. I know it's all first world problems but seriously wtf!!
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2020.01.29 20:52 louiseber [Updated Jan 2020] How many Irish Subs are there really?

The first time I made this post I had uncovered 500+ Irish related subs on reddit, from the abandoned to the large. This was some time in 2016ish and I have continued to try and track as many new subs as I can.
Below is the updated list, again including some of the Discord Servers & useful other external links (although not counted) and the count stands at 710 plus some redirects/banned subs/karma farms. I have also continued to included some of the North American Subs that could be mistaken for Irish just for information.
As you can see from the notations many, many of them are inactive but it's more about finding as many of them as possible than anything else.
If anyone knows of, or can find, new ones not listed below, throw them in the comments and I'll add them to the list. A rich vein of new ones continue to be towns etc, people from Ireland (bands etc) and products.
To any owners of Discords that appear on this list or not, let me know of perma invitation links as I know some of the below have expired but I'd rather have them as reminders/ place holders than not.
To anyone who owns a sub...put a description in the bleedin' sidebar! (Growing is easier if people don't have to guess what the sub is for)
If you find a sub you might like to resurrect you can head over the /redditrequest and request to take it over. See their sidebar for full rules and process.
(P) = Currently Private Sub
(O) = Out of Use
(m) = Authors Notation
(NI) = Northern Ireland
(R) = Redirects

Visiting & Moving to Ireland

Also see ‘Hobbies & Interests’ and ‘Locations’ below.
General Discords

Irish Language/ As Gaeilge Subs

History & Heritage

Media, Music & Art

Media Discussion
News Subs
Media Creatives
Underground Film & Music
Art, Design & Visual

IT, Developers & Tech

Data & Crypto
PC Parts
  • See below


Womens Issues


Health & Well-being Issues

Education Subs

Second Level
Third Level
Clubs/ Societies & College Interests

Political Parties/ Discussion

State Institutions
Political Issues
Political Satire
Pol Discords

Model Government & Related Subs

Model Houses & Parties
Model Media
Model Meta & Misc

Religion & Religious Issues


Fans Subs
Other Sports


Legal, Financial & Property

** Legal System**
Community Assistance
Bargains & For Sale
Earn Credit



Hobbies & Interests

Drug Culture
Board Gaming
Computer Gaming
Tech Interests
Food & Drink
Dating & Social Groups
Outdoor Activities
Weapons Enthusiasts
Fun Subs
Fun Discords
Places to Moan
Fandom Subs
Celtic Subs
NSFW Adulty Subs
Meta & Alternative Ireland Subs
Misc Defunct/ Unknown Content

Ireland not local enough for ya? Subscribe to:


Cities/ Towns/ Townlands
Northern Ireland
Ex-Pat Communities
Location Based Discords


Not Irish Subs

  • Irish Subs Count: 710 + 9
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2020.01.24 23:56 FizzdaPop I need a lot of help from a wonderful Swede! (översättning nedan)

My girlfriend really loves Swedish Fish (the candy) and I thought as a cool present for our anniversary, I would get her Swedish Fish from Sweden, the only problem being I live in the United States. If there is someone out there who is willing to tell me how much it will cost and how long it will take for the Swedish Fish to be sent here, I will be forever thankful, and obviously pay you back. Depending on the estimated delivery date or price, you might not actually need to do anything. Help if you want to, I know it's a lot of work from someone you don't know who lives in America, but I would deeply appreciate it!
Detta är översatt eftersom jag inte kan tala svenska, ledsen för misstag :/
Min flickvän älskar verkligen svensk fisk (godisen) och jag tänkte som en trevlig present till vårt årsdag att jag skulle få hennes svenska fisk från Sverige, det enda problemet är att jag bor i USA. Om det finns någon där ute som kan berätta för mig hur mycket det kommer att kosta och hur lång tid det kommer att ta innan den svenska fisken skickas hit, kommer jag att vara tacksam för alltid och naturligtvis betala tillbaka dig. Beroende på beräknad leveransdatum eller pris, kanske du inte behöver göra någonting. Hjälp om du vill, jag vet att det är mycket arbete från någon du inte känner som bor i Amerika, men jag skulle uppskatta det!
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2020.01.06 07:02 Chancellor_Chuckles The ENDAS RS3 impact

Anyone feel that the ENDAS’ impact is bugged and kinda feels game breaking? Love the weapon but don’t want to use it too much because it feels too powerful. Anyone else feel this way?
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2019.12.31 14:35 Endaclone Arm issues, extended other times shaking.

I am having issues with my arms in the game, (have tried beta also, same results), the first issue is my arms are extended, it feels like I am holding sticks with hands on the end, my vive wands are situated inside the forearm, it's immersion breaking but not game breaking, which brings me to the 2nd issue.
When I launch the game I will have one of two issues, either the (for-mentioned) extended arms or worse the glitching arms, the arms are now no longer extended but instead shake as if they were having a spasm, which means anything I hold shakes also, when this issues is present it is only short moment till the game crashes, first a freeze then a blank screen.
I am loving the parts of the game I have been able to play so far, but have spent almost as much time in frustration at these issues.
I am using Vive wands with a Pimax 5k+.
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2019.12.26 18:06 jptoc Post Match Thread: Sheffield United 1-1 Watford

Blades lineup
Watford lineup
Kick off 10 minute delay due to problems with the turnstiles.
Up the Blades!
Troy Deeney had a kid yesterday apparently. Fair dos Troy.
0' - kick off
11' - great save from Foster after the Blades work it into the box and McBurnie sneaks off a shot, shortly followed by a good header by McBurnie saved again.
13' - Doolafoo thinks he's through but Bashambauer with a great tackle as the last man 💪
19' - Fleck has the ball in the net for Sheffield United but Basham is flagged offside.
27' - Doolafoo runs through and Henderson is caught in two minds, slotting it past the Blades keeper. 0-1.
33' - strong words of encouragement picked up by the cameras from Chris Wilder on the touch line.
35' - Will Hughes takes Baldock down in the corner of the box and gives away a penalty to the Blades! Their first penalty of the season.
36' - converted by Ollie Norwood with a lovely finish past Foster who was very close to getting a hand to it. 1-1.
39' - Sarr nearly gets the better of O'Connell but it comes to nothing in the end. Sarr took a bump to the head after the tussle as he fell to the floor by the looks of things and has been down for treatment for a couple of minutes.
42' - confusion as the board is held up for Sarr to be substituted but he stays on and Pereyra sits back on the bench.
45'+5 - Doolafoo free kick over the bar ends the half. Blades started well, Watford look a threat on the break and all square at half time is probably a fair reflection. Sloppy passes and players making mistakes across the board.
Half time
45' - Second half kicks off, Sarr off for Pereyra. Pereyra's 100th appearance for Watford.
45' - Cathcart booked for Watford for a bad challenge on Baldock. Free kick comes to nothing.
50' - good spell from Watford as the Blades are kept pinned in their half to start the half. Sheffield United manage to sneak into Watford's half an Lundstrum volleys over from 25 yards.
55' - Fleck hits one from 35 yards out and it pulls wide. Foster had it well covered anyway.
58' - McGoldrick put through by Fleck and hits the post! But it's brought back for offside correctly.
62' - Doolafoo panics Henderson again but he's too wide to slot it past the Blades keeper. He dinks it across to Deeney but O'Connell gets his boot to it and it's a corner for Watford which comes to nothing.
63' - McBurnie off for Mousset. The Moose is loose!
64' - Moose with a great run and a top ball across to Fleck with the goal gaping - Foster throws himself across the pitch and saves brilliantly. Two great saves from him so far.
65' - Lundstrum lands on his ankle painfully from the resulting corner and is down injured.
68' - Deeney goes down easily and winks at the camera when he wins the free kick the cheeky chappy. Watford take a long time over the free kick which then bounces out off Cathcart's chest.
73' - Enda Stevens takes a shot down to Foster's left and the keeper pushes it out for a corner.
74' - Doolafoo gets a yellow for petulance.
78' - the ball falls to Deeney who manages to get a shot away but the flag is raised.
80' - Watford sub: Gray on for Deeney.
82' - free kick for Watford in the edge of the box after O'Connell gets the ball away from Pereyra. Harsh free kick. Doolafoo misses, thankfully.
84' - Feminia fouls Lundstrum and keeps having a go at Lundstrum. Brilliant free kick but no one can get the touch.
88' - Chalobah off for Craig Dawson, and Chalobah gets booked for wasting time walking off... and keeps walking off.
90' - 4 minutes added on.
90'+4 - Nothing happens in the final few minutes.
Full Time
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2019.12.26 16:07 jptoc Match Thread: Sheffield United vs Watford

Blades lineup
Watford lineup
Kick off 10 minute delay due to problems with the turnstiles.
Up the Blades!
Troy Deeney had a kid yesterday apparently. Fair dos Troy.
0' - kick off
11' - great save from Foster after the Blades work it into the box and McBurnie sneaks off a shot, shortly followed by a good header by McBurnie saved again.
13' - Doolafoo thinks he's through but Bashambauer with a great tackle as the last man 💪
19' - Fleck has the ball in the net for Sheffield United but Basham is flagged offside.
27' - Doolafoo runs through and Henderson is caught in two minds, slotting it past the Blades keeper. 0-1.
33' - strong words of encouragement picked up by the cameras from Chris Wilder on the touch line.
35' - Will Hughes takes Baldock down in the corner of the box and gives away a penalty to the Blades! Their first penalty of the season.
36' - converted by Ollie Norwood with a lovely finish past Foster who was very close to getting a hand to it. 1-1.
39' - Sarr nearly gets the better of O'Connell but it comes to nothing in the end. Sarr took a bump to the head after the tussle as he fell to the floor by the looks of things and has been down for treatment for a couple of minutes.
42' - confusion as the board is held up for Sarr to be substituted but he stays on and Pereyra sits back on the bench.
45'+5 - Doolafoo free kick over the bar ends the half. Blades started well, Watford look a threat on the break and all square at half time is probably a fair reflection. Sloppy passes and players making mistakes across the board.
Half time
45' - Second half kicks off, Sarr off for Pereyra. Pereyra's 100th appearance for Watford.
45' - Cathcart booked for Watford for a bad challenge on Baldock. Free kick comes to nothing.
50' - good spell from Watford as the Blades are kept pinned in their half to start the half. Sheffield United manage to sneak into Watford's half an Lundstrum volleys over from 25 yards.
55' - Fleck hits one from 35 yards out and it pulls wide. Foster had it well covered anyway.
58' - McGoldrick put through by Fleck and hits the post! But it's brought back for offside correctly.
62' - Doolafoo panics Henderson again but he's too wide to slot it past the Blades keeper. He dinks it across to Deeney but O'Connell gets his boot to it and it's a corner for Watford which comes to nothing.
63' - McBurnie off for Mousset. The Moose is loose!
64' - Moose with a great run and a top ball across to Fleck with the goal gaping - Foster throws himself across the pitch and saves brilliantly. Two great saves from him so far.
65' - Lundstrum lands on his ankle painfully from the resulting corner and is down injured.
68' - Deeney goes down easily and winks at the camera when he wins the free kick the cheeky chappy. Watford take a long time over the free kick which then bounces out off Cathcart's chest.
73' - Enda Stevens takes a shot down to Foster's left and the keeper pushes it out for a corner.
74' - Doolafoo gets a yellow for petulance.
78' - the ball falls to Deeney who manages to get a shot away but the flag is raised.
80' - Watford sub: Gray on for Deeney.
82' - free kick for Watford in the edge of the box after O'Connell gets the ball away from Pereyra. Harsh free kick. Doolafoo misses, thankfully.
84' - Feminia fouls Lundstrum and keeps having a go at Lundstrum. Brilliant free kick but no one can get the touch.
88' - Chalobah off for Craig Dawson, and Chalobah gets booked for wasting time walking off... and keeps walking off.
90' - 4 minutes added on.
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2019.12.25 10:41 blubbersassafras The xGorithm: an overdue update on my FPL mathematical model project (with GW19 forecasts!)

The xGorithm: an overdue update on my FPL mathematical model project (with GW19 forecasts!)
Merry Christmas FPL people! I hope you are all well and that you get off Reddit to spend time with your loved ones (as soon as you finish reading this post!).
I am (unfortunately) a maths student, and several months ago I wrote a semi-popular post about my adventure in answering a question: how good a mathematical model of the premier league could I develop using only xG and xA data from the current season? My answer was one that isn't that bad but probably isn't the best out there. I quickly realised I was able to extend my project to FPL, hence the post. At the time I got several requests, such as to upload my project on GitHub and to post weekly predictions. Here I will answer these questions, and also present some other interesting corollaries that my model allows me to investigate.
First off, as a self-taught programmer with no previous interest in sharing or corresponding on projects, I am a GitHub noob. Please forgive me, here is my attempt at creating a repository: https://github.com/harryrgrove/FPLmodel

Notable Changes to my Method

Along with a complete overhaul of my code (which exposed a few invisible bugs in my old version), the following changes have been made:
  • I have introduced different form interpolation standard deviation (ISD) (see mathematical part of original post if this term does not make sense) for each team's defence and offence; defensive form tends to change more slowly than offensive.
  • I have changed the way that a player's form is calculated from a flat average to a normal distribution-based interpolation method.
  • Defenders now have a much larger ISD, since their offensive returns are less form-based than those of midfielders and forwards.
  • The project data now satisfyingly auto-updates after every match has been played, which makes no difference to you but makes the whole thing far more enjoyable to me.

Player Points Forecast for GW19

The xGorithm's optimal team for this week - Expected Points: 63. I have made approximate judgements based on expected game-time (e.g. no El Ghazi) and nailed-ness uncertainty (e.g. no Aguero)
The following are predicted to be the highest-scoring players in GW19 assuming that the player plays 60 minutes or more! This is better interpreted as a rough guide than as a perfect prediction - what I have found it especially useful for is noting significant statistical performances from recent matches that one would otherwise fail to pick up on. I will outline some notable talking points from the forecast:
  • Could the Lord really be a viable captaincy shout? A resounding YES! The algorithm thinks he really is the best captaincy candidate. It gives Sheffield United a massive 53% chance of keeping a clean sheet this week (this should be taken with extreme salt, being over 10% higher than what the bookies suggest). It expects a mean of 0.21 goals (edit: exactly the same as the bookies!) and 0.18 assists from his Lordship, which doesn't seem an unrealistic proposition.
  • El Ghazi could be a cheaper way to tap into the stellar fixtures for Villa's offence. You will see that my algorithm predicts that El Ghazi's expected points is actually 0.01 higher than Grealish. El Ghazi is expected to get 0.43 goals and 0.28 assists if he plays more than 60 minutes, compared to Grealish's 0.49 goals and 0.17 assists. Villa are given a 28% chance of a clean sheet against Norwich (this compares quite well to the 25% predicted by the bookies). HOWEVER, it is important to note that this does not mean that El Ghazi is in any way the superior asset: his probability of playing the 60+ minutes, which there is no way to take into account, is much lower than Grealish's, and Grealish is the more likely player to outperform his xG as the more accomplished finisher.
  • McGoldrick: the most under-discussed player in FPL or rightly ignored? This model loves David McGoldrick, and it is clear to see why. If you only look at expected stats, just like my algorithm, one would think Dave is on the form of his career, having posted over 1 xG in both of the last two games - a rare and impressive feat that he is the only player in the season to currently hold (Salah was 0.01 off the mark last weekend). His recent numbers can be compared with the likes of Salah, Jesus, KDB and Vardy, who are among the league's current top performers in expected stats. The only problem is that in the real world, David 'McGoalDrought' sucks. He has registered a wholly impressive 7.12 xG this season, and with it he has scored a total of 0 (zero) goals, which is a feat far more statistically significant than any other I have come across in my project. I would suggest staying away from him until he shows that he knows how to stick the ball in the back of the net.
  • Could Magnus's much-discussed Maguire transfer pay off? The model certainly suggests so: it gives United an astronomical 56% (!) chance of a clean sheet (compares to 49% from the bookies - a -0.32 xPoint swing) against a Newcastle United attack that the algorithm forecasts generally scoring 0.46x the average team's expected xG when playing away from home. His big slab of a head is expected to score 0.15 goals as well, which is impressive for a defender. However, the algorithm is unable to take into account the new manager bounce that Watford could be experiencing, so these numbers should be taken with according levels of salt.
  • Harry Kane sucks. Again, this is highly justified by the stats my project draws from. Incredibly, the last time he scored over 0.5 xG was in GW12, and his xG/90 is almost as low as half as that of any season he's previously played. Although he will surely outperform his xStats, I wouldn't actually take this with too much salt; I think Kane currently sucks as an asset and should be avoided, especially for his price.
The following are the rankings, along with notes on any other unmentioned players whose forecasted figures shouldn't be taken too seriously.
John Lundstram 5.85
Marcus Rashford 5.82
Kevin De Bruyne 5.55
Raheem Sterling 5.41
Willian 5.40 xG form unfairly inflated due to recent penalty, not designated pen taker
David McGoldrick 5.36
Harry Maguire 5.35
Sergio Agüero 5.31Rotation Concern
Mohamed Salah 5.28
Anwar El Ghazi 5.25
Gabriel Jesus 5.24Uotation Concern
Jack Grealish 5.24
Paul Pogba 5.18
Sadio Mané 5.09
Anthony Martial 4.96Will surely be injured after tripping over on a bauble
Riyad Mahrez 4.92Rotation Concern
Enda Stevens 4.88
Christian Pulisic 4.81Rotation Concern?
Bamidele Alli 4.79
Aaron Wan-Bissaka 4.77
Luke Shaw 4.68
Brandon Williams 4.67Unlikely to play full match
Jack O'Connell 4.57
Lucas Moura 4.52
Victor Lindelöf 4.48
Tammy Abraham 4.44
Jesse Lingard 4.44
George Baldock 4.42
Daniel James 4.41
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 4.40
David de Gea 4.36
Chris Basham 4.36
Teemu Pukki 4.31
Bernardo Silva 4.22
John Egan 4.15
John Fleck 4.15
Richarlison de Andrade 4.07
Kyle Walker 4.07
Harry Kane 4.06
Dean Henderson 4.03
Jamie Vardy 3.99
James Tomkins 3.95
Trent Alexander-Arnold 3.95
Michail Antonio 3.95
Calum Chambers 3.91
Che Adams 3.85
Andreas Pereira 3.83
Mason Mount 3.82
Kieran Tierney 3.82
Christian Benteke 3.80
Danny Ings 3.78
Alexandre Lacazette 3.76
Nicolas Pépé 3.76
Roberto Firmino 3.76
Chris Mepham 3.74
Shane Long 3.73
James Ward-Prowse 3.72
Chris Wood 3.71
Lys Mousset 3.70
Nicolás Otamendi 3.70
Ilkay Gündogan 3.70
Emiliano Buendía 3.70
Andrew Robertson 3.68
David Luiz 3.66
Scott McTominay 3.66
Leandro Trossard 3.64
Christian Eriksen 3.62
Wilfried Zaha 3.61
Oliver McBurnie 3.58
John McGinn 3.56
Raúl Jiménez 3.55
Oleksandr Zinchenko 3.55
John Stones 3.51
Matt Targett 3.50
Sokratis Papastathopoulos 3.50
Neal Maupay 3.50
Martin Kelly 3.49
N'Golo Kanté 3.49
Scott Dann 3.46
Lucas Digne 3.40
Dominic Calvert-Lewin 3.39
Harvey Barnes 3.39
Todd Cantwell 3.36
Trézéguet 3.36
Mamadou Sakho 3.34
Mesut Özil 3.33
Bernd Leno 3.33
Luka Milivojevic 3.30
James Milner 3.29
Pascal Groß 3.29
Ismaïla Sarr 3.29
Xherdan Shaqiri 3.29
Theo Walcott 3.28
Vicente Guaita 3.26
Moussa Sissoko 3.26
Jordan Ayew 3.24
Ashley Westwood 3.24
Marcos Alonso 3.23
Ryan Fraser 3.22
Conor Hourihane 3.18
James Maddison 3.18
Bukayo Saka 3.18
Ederson 3.17
Dwight McNeil 3.17
Eric Dier 3.17
Wesley Moraes 3.16
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 3.16
Aaron Mooy 3.14
Michael Keane 3.12
Ashley Barnes 3.12
Diogo Jota 3.12
Mason Holgate 3.12
Serge Aurier 3.12
Gylfi Sigurdsson 3.11
Oliver Norwood 3.05
Virgil van Dijk 3.04
Andros Townsend 3.03
Cheikhou Kouyaté 3.02
Yerry Mina 3.01
Dejan Lovren 2.99
Robert Snodgrass 2.99
Jay Rodriguez 2.97
César Azpilicueta 2.97
Ayoze Pérez 2.91
Joshua King 2.89
Davy Pröpper 2.88
Jack Stacey 2.88
Jordan Henderson 2.87
Frédéric Guilbert 2.86
Sébastien Haller 2.86
Kenny McLean 2.86
Onel Hernández 2.85
Joseph Gomez 2.84
Mateo Kovacic 2.84
Harry Wilson 2.83
Jonjo Shelvey 2.83
Lucas Torreira 2.82
James Tarkowski 2.82
Rodrigo Hernandez 2.81
Tom Davies 2.81
Alisson Ramses Becker 2.80
Miguel Almirón 2.80
Douglas Luiz 2.80
Pablo Fornals 2.78
Tanguy Ndombele 2.77
Matteo Guendouzi 2.76
Troy Deeney 2.75
Georginio Wijnaldum 2.75
Jorginho 2.75
Gerard Deulofeu 2.73
Dani Ceballos 2.72
Simon Francis 2.71
Benjamin Mendy 2.71
Felipe Anderson 2.71
Adama Traoré 2.69
Aaron Ramsdale 2.69
Erik Pieters 2.69
Toby Alderweireld 2.67
Kurt Zouma 2.65
Davinson Sánchez 2.64
Andreas Christensen 2.63
Christian Atsu 2.62
Will Hughes 2.62
Youri Tielemans 2.62
Jordan Pickford 2.60
Jack Cork 2.60
João Filipe Moutinho 2.60
Aaron Connolly 2.60
Jan Vertonghen 2.57
Matthew Lowton 2.56
Paulo Gazzaniga 2.56
Marvelous Nakamba 2.56
Granit Xhaka 2.55
Fikayo Tomori 2.55
Philip Billing 2.55
Harry Winks 2.52
Mason Greenwood 2.51
Tom Trybull 2.50
Andy Carroll 2.49
Lewis Dunk 2.48
Bjorn Engels 2.48
Wilfred Ndidi 2.46
Callum Wilson 2.46
Ben Mee 2.46
Sean Longstaff 2.45
Alexander Tettey 2.44
Antonio Rüdiger 2.43
Phil Foden 2.41No data from games with 60+ mins played, only CS points added
Etienne Capoue 2.40
Nick Pope 2.38
Rúben Neves 2.38
Tom Heaton 2.38
Michael Obafemi 2.35
Joelinton 2.35
Charlie Taylor 2.32
Kepa Arrizabalaga 2.31
Leander Dendoncker 2.31
Dan Burn 2.30
Isaac Hayden 2.27
Ryan Bertrand 2.26
Mark Noble 2.26
Martín Montoya 2.24
Declan Rice 2.22
Stuart Armstrong 2.21
Benjamin Chilwell 2.18
Ricardo Pereira 2.11
Jonny Evans 1.97
Maximillian Aarons 1.96
Adam Webster 1.95
Çaglar Söyüncü 1.89
Sam Byram 1.86
Kasper Schmeichel 1.76
Cédric Soares 1.71
Mathew Ryan 1.65
Grant Hanley 1.63
Matt Doherty 1.58
Ben Foster 1.57
Craig Cathcart 1.55
Christoph Zimmermann 1.49
Federico Fernández 1.47
Jack Stephens 1.40
Tim Krul 1.37
Fabian Schär 1.33
Jetro Willems 1.32
Jan Bednarek 1.31
Alex McCarthy 1.23
Angus Gunn 1.23
Javier Manquillo 1.10
Martin Dubravka 1.06
Romain Saïss 1.05
Jonny 1.03
Conor Coady 0.65
Rui Patrício 0.64
Fabián Balbuena 0.19
Aaron Cresswell 0.01
Arthur Masuaku -0.0
Angelo Ogbonna -0.0
Issa Diop -0.0
David Martin -0.3

Other Predictions for GW19

Why not throw this in for a bit of fun - here are my algorithms predictions for each match to be played in GW19:
Spurs 1 - 1 Brighton (Most likely outcome: Spurs win 48%)
Aston Villa 1 - 1 Norwich (Most likely outcome: Aston Villa win 51%)
Bournemouth 0 - 1 Arsenal (Most likely outcome: Arsenal win 42%)
Chelsea 2 - 1 Southampton (Most likely outcome: Chelsea win 53%)
Crystal Palace 1 - 0 West Ham (Most likely outcome: Crystal Palace win 43%)
Everton 1 - 1 Burnley (Most likely outcome: Everton win 40%)
Sheffield United 1 - 0 Watford (Most likely outcome: Sheffield United win 66%)
Man United 2 - 0 Newcastle (Most likely outcome: Man United win 76%)
Leicester 1 - 1 Liverpool (Most likely outcome: Liverpool win 50%)
Wolves 0 - 2 Man City (Most likely outcome: Man City win 72%)

What else can I do with my model?

I have used my model for a couple of other projects of interest: to predict the final standings in the season and to analyse the mathematical nature of clean sheets.
Here is my algorithm's prediction for how the season will end assuming that the current form of all teams continues for the rest of the season, along with relevant probabilities:

Team Winner % Champions League % Relegation %
Liverpool 94 100 0
Manchester City 5 99 0
Leicester 0 98 0
Chelsea 0 72 0
Manchester United 0 17 0
Sheffield United 0 5 0
Wolverhampton Wanderers 0 2 0
Burnley 0 1 0
Tottenham 0 1 0
Everton 0 0 0
Arsenal 0 0 1
Brighton 0 0 1
Southampton 0 0 2
Bournemouth 0 0 12
Crystal Palace 0 0 8
Newcastle United 0 0 10
Aston Villa 0 0 31
West Ham 0 0 65
Watford 0 0 72
Norwich 0 0 91

My other random curiosity was to use the following method to determine whether "leaky defences" (a team’s defence that shows a pattern of statistically significant consistency of keeping less clean sheets than expected, such as Liverpool's, Tottenham's or Man Utd's) exist, or if it's all just bad luck.
  1. For team X in season S (assume S contains 20 teams) of league L, generate a random integer n between 10 and 20 (inclusive), as well as a random starting point a between 0 and 38 − n (inclusive). Define the set of matches M := { ith match that X plays in S: i ∈ { a + j : j ∈ { 1 , ... , n } }.
  2. Set count to 0. For m in M, use my algorithm to calculate p\*cs* = ℙ( X concedes 0 goals in m ). Generate a random decimal number p\\rand between 0 and 1. If p\*cs* > p\\rand then add 1 to the count. This can be thought of as simulating a clean sheet.
  3. Append counts array C with the count of simulated clean sheets.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 100,000 times. Say that in M, X kept c\*true* clean sheets. Append **probabilities array P with { c ∈ C : cc\*true* } / 100,000. This can be thought of as the probability that, given a random distribution of goals conceded, X would have kept c\\true clean sheets or fewer.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 10 times.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each team X playing in season S.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for each season S of league L.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 for each league L in { EPL, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A }
  9. Test P to see if it is a randomly distributed: if so it should have a mean of approximately 0.5 and a variance of approximately 1/12. Otherwise, either mean - 0.5 will be notably greater than 0 (likely mean will be smaller than 0.5), and/or the variance will be notably larger than 1/12. If P is randomly distributed, we can assume that clean sheets are all just random noise.
My results were that it was essentially random luck, and if it do they have a negligible effect. I was planning on making a full post about this, but then Liverpool started keeping clean sheets and Leicester stopped, so the whole thing became immediately less interesting.

Thank you for reading about my work! If anyone has any constructive criticism, advice, or inquiries about it then I will gladly oblige. If you all like this, or if Lundstram actually does end the week as the highest-scoring player, then I would be happy to post weekly forecasts!
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2019.12.08 07:21 Parayeetles Edna’s Avocado Toast

“They say grandma, I want avocado toast. I say I don’t have avocados or toast and they say ‘but I want it!!’ And then they go REEEE!”
I love Enda. I wish she was my grandmother.
Also: Does anyone know exactly which video/stream this came from? I can’t remember for the life of me.
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2019.11.18 16:30 PresidentSamSeaborn Republic of Ireland vs Denmark: Live Match Thread!

Welcome to the live match thread for our crunch final qualifier vs Denmark! To all of you joining from Ireland or Soccer, feel free to stay around for the post-match festivities/riots/resigned sighing.
Randolph; Doherty, Egan, Duffy, Stevens; Browne, Hendrick, Whelan, Hourihane, McClean; McGoldrick
Schmeichel; Dalsgaard, Jorgensen, Kjaer, Larsen; Schone, Braithwaite, Eriksen, Delaney; Poulsen, Cornelius
*Venue\*: Aviva Stadium, Dublin
*Referee\*: Felix Brych (Germany)
Pre-Match Chat:
For all you stattos out there: Glenn Whelan will after tonight have as many Ireland caps as Niall Quinn, while James McClean now has as many as Liam Brady.

Sweet Mother Mary, that singer is murdering Fields of Athenry. Crowd giving it a great lash though.
1: COME ON YOU BOYS IN GREEN! Ireland go up and win a throw in and a lovely back heel from Stevens nearly lets McClean in. Offside, but bright start!
2: The atmosphere is fucking LIT, or so it seems from the telly anyway. Irish free.
3: Lovely flick from McGoldrick but Hendrick completely blows it.
5: Crowd booing whenever Denmark have the ball. Could be some sore throats tomorrow morning.
6: A brief hope for Ireland when a ball is played over the top for McGoldrick but he can't reach it.
7: A great tackle by Whelan, comes to nothing though. Ireland attack again but fizzle out. Looks like there's rushes of blood going to our lads' heads - more composure needed. Delaney caught by Browne and is now down injured.
11: Delaney will have to be subbed off. In the meantime, Ireland play a ball to McGoldrick in the channels. Hjolberg, scorer of the Dane's last goal against us, will replace Delaney.
12: I can't believe I'm writing this, but Whelan plays a Scholes-esque pass to Stevens. Hourihane plays a similar one out wide to Browne. Some lovely play but doing little so far.
14: That sub is made for Denmark. Also, Switzerland are, shock horror, ahead vs Gibraltar.
15: The Danes can't play it out of their own half. Great buildup by Ireland before again, Hendrick blows it.
17: Ireland making us shit our collective plans by passing it around our own box trying to escape the Danish press. Randolph punts it long and McClean misses the header.
18: Eriksen tries to flick his way through the Irish rearguard; Shane Duffy tells him to politely fuck off.
19: Danish free comes to nothing as we head it out of play before eventually Matt Doherty wins a free out.
21: A shocking stat revealed on RTE: Ireland leading possession 56%-44%
23: Cornelius makes a meal of a nudge by Doherty and the ref says nothing doing.
24: The Danes are getting into the game with a dangerous spell of possession. They win a corner.
25: Randolph gathers. Holds onto it while Ireland get bodies up the pitch. Useless pass by Egan gives it straight back to Denmark - we're getting sloppy...
26: A dangerous ball in wins a Denmark corner. Eriksen to take. McGoldrick heads clear before Duffy makes sure with an almighty hoof.
27: Eriksen with a great strike - but Shane Duffy saves our bacon with an almighty block! That was headed straight for the top corner! Cornelius is down receiving treatment for a clash of heads.
29: Dangerous ball in by Eriksen, cleared by ar gCaptaen Shane Duffy.
30: A bit of head tennis before Eriksen tugs on Whelan's jersey so we win a soft free out.
31: Cornelius heads off straight down the tunnel with a hamstring injury. We currently play against ten men but they're bossing possession.
32: Ireland win the ball back and look like they're launching a dangerous counter before Schone hauls down Alan Browne. He is deservedly booked.
35: GREAT CHANCE FOR IRELAND BUT HOURIHANE SCUFFS IT! Some lovely buildup play allows him straight through, he tries to curl it around Schmiechel but his shot is too weak to make a difference.
37: Another good chance for Ireland: from nothing, Alan Browne volleys a dipping left-footed curler that just evades the Danish net!
38: James McClean loses possession from a great position like the headless chicken he is prone to being.
39: We're putting them under pressure - Jack Charlton is sitting proud at home.
43: David McGoldrick narrowly misses the top corner from 30 yards!
45: Three minutes of added time. Irish throw deep in the opposition half. Great play from McClean wins us our first corner!
46: Great cross by Whelan and Duffy just misses at the back post!
46: Ciaran Clark on for John Egan. Presumably an injury. Whelan kicks off, eventually the Danes win a throw.
47: Duffy channels his inner Beckenbauer to get us out of a tight spot. McClean wins us a free on the left wing. Hourihane to take. Misses everyone.
48: Ireland almost score! Schmeichel saves a Hourihane curler without knowing much about it, Eriksen breaks and briefly looks in on goal but he doesn't have the pace and we clear.
51: Irish throw from Hourihane. Doherty nearly plays McGoldrick through. We keep the ball and Hourhane crosses but it misses everyone.
53: The Danes do nothing with the ball and concede possession cheaply before Ireland do the exact same.
55: Whelan won that ball fair and square you pricks. Ireland look really threatening but Hendrick is just offside.
57: Amazing play from Doherty who runs it halfway up the pitch before picking out Hourihane with an excellent pass! McClean then breaks our hearts with two God-awful crosses. Sunday League stuff.
60: My mam brings in a pizza and McGoldrick wins a corner. An excellent minute for me. Clark heads over.
61: Kjaer chops Hendrick down - that, in my unbiased opinion, warrants a booking. We knock it around the back. Hendrick wins another Irish corner!
65: Comes to nothing. Ireland nearly fuck up before Ireland play it out the back (?!?!?). Browne nearly marauds straight through but is eventually tackled in the box fairly. We're genuinely bossing it. McGoldrick fires over after a great spell of play!
68: Robinson comes on for Hourihane. Ireland in a great position before the Danes take a blatant dive and win a free out. In fairness, Glenn Whelan did the same thing in the first half.
70: The Danes knock it around but Randolph catches.
74: Braithwaite scores. Fuck. Doherty completely lost his man there and Ireland are heading for the playoffs. It's soul crushing because this is genuinely the best we've played since the Euros.
76: Not to be conspiratorial, but between the Whelan, McGoldrick and McClean tackles that have been chalked up as fouls, this ref is a bit dodge.
81: Great play between McGoldrick and Doherty but the latter's cross is straight to Schmeichel. Ireland come again with a Robinson cross and McGoldrick's cross is over for a corner! COME ON IRELAND!! Sean Maguire replaces Glenn Whelan! Danes clear.
83: Shane Duffy goes down but the ref says no pen. MCClean shoots straight at Schmeichel from 30 yards. Christensen on for the Danes and they take their sweet time.
87: Duffy now playing as a centre forward. It's Ireland on the ball. Doherty hits a shit cross and the Danes regroup.
89: Ireland corner. Knocked around and Stevens almost catches McGoldrick in the clear but the pass is overhit. Danes are time wasting. Doherty hits a ball out of play and Duffy is losing it. 4 minutes added time.
90: Schemichel drops the ball and from a narrow angle Stevens shoots over!
Schmiechel booked for time wasting.
Despite an incredible performance from Ireland, they are going to the playoffs while Denmark are through to Euro 2020. They fall just short. Thank you for following the match with coybig tonight.
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2019.11.09 05:15 MarleyEngvall stockholm, sverige has been created

History of the Jewish Church, vol. I — Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, D.D.
[Preface] [Introduction] I : The Call of Abraham [i.] [ii.] II : Abraham and Isaac [i.] [ii.] III : Jacob [i.] [ii.] IV : Israel in Egypt [i.] [ii.] V : The Exodus [i.] [ii.] VI : The Wilderness [i.] VII : Sinai and the Law [i.] [ii.] VIII : Kadesh and Pisgah [i.] [ii.] IX : The Conquest of Palestine [i.] X : The Conquest of Western Palestine—The Fall of Jericho [i.] XI : The Conquest of Western Palestine—Battle of Beth-horon [i.] XII : The Battle of Merom and Settlement of the Tribes [i.] XII : The Battle of Merom and Settlement of the Tribes [ii.] XIII : Israel Under the Judges [i.] [ii.] [iii.] XIV : Deborah [i.] [ii.] XV : Gideon [i.] [ii.] XVI : Jephthah and Samson [i.] [ii.] XVII : The Fall of Shiloh [i.] XVIII : Samuel and the Prophetical Office [i.] [ii.] XIX : The History of the Prophetical Order [i.] [ii.] XX : On the Nature of the Prophetical Teachings [i.] [ii.] Appendix I : The Traditional Localities of Abraham's Migration [i] Appendix II : The Cave at Machpelah [i.] [ii.] Appendix III : The Samaritan Passover [i.]
History of the Jewish Church, vol. II
[Preface] XXI : The House of Saul [i.] [ii.] XXII : The Youth of David [i.] [ii.] XXIII : The Reign of David [i.] [ii.] XXIV : The Fall of David [i.] [ii.] XXV : The Psalter of David [i.] [ii.] XXVI : The Empire of Solomon [i.] [ii.] XXVII : The Temple of Solomon [i.] [ii.] XXVIII : The Wisdom of Solomon [i.] [ii.] XXIX : The House of Jeroboam—Ahijah and Iddo [i.] [ii.] XXX : The House of Omri—Elijah [i.] [ii.] XXXI : The House of Omri—Elisha [i.] XXXII : The House of Omri—Jehu [i.] XXXIII : The House of Jehu—The Syrian Wars, and the Prophet Jonah [i.] XXXIV : The Fall of Samaria [i.] XXXV : The First Kings of Judah [i.] [ii.] XXXVI : The Jewish Priesthood [i.] [ii.] XXXVII : The Age of Uzziah [i.] [ii.] XXXVIII : Hezekiah [i.] [ii.] XXXIX : Manasseh and Josiah [i.] [ii.] XL : Jeremiah and the Fall of Jerusalem [i.] [ii.] [iii.] [iv.] [Notes, Volume II]
History of the Jewish Church, vol. III
[Preface] XLI : The Babylonian Captivity [i.] [ii.] [iii.] XLII : The Fall of Babylon [i.] [ii.] XLIII : Persian Dominon—The Return [i.] [ii.] XLIV : Ezra and Nehemiah [i.] [ii.] [iii.] XLV : Malachi [i.] [ii.] [iii.] XLVI : Socrates [i.] [ii.] [iii.] XLVII : Alexandria [i.] [ii.] [iii.] XLVIII : Judas Maccabæus [i.] [ii.] [iii.] [iv.] XLIX : The Asmonean Dynasty [i.] [ii.] [iii.] L : Herod [i.] [ii.] [iii.] [iv.] [v.]
(i.) (ii.) (iii.)
Make America make sense again, lest I cease to exist. Even in the absence of functional institutions of journalism and government, a responsive Executive Branch could bring the 9/11 terror system to heel. Please consider writing in a vote for MARLEY ENGVALL, for President of the United States of America.
Though we expect no funding to reach us, every bit will help to expose the massive digital fraud that is afoot. In the absence of funding, word of mouth will be essential. Mass communication is heavily censored.
Soon, there will be a full accounting. No amount is too small. Eternal thanks.
Professor Pilenis avgång som chefredaktör för tidskriften Open Chemical Physics: ett öppet brev från Dr. Niels Harrit
Efter uppsatsen med titeln "Aktivt termitmaterial upptäckt i damm från världen 9/11 Trade Center Catastrophe," som jag tillsammans med åtta kolleger medförfattare publicerades i Open Chemical Physics Journal, dess huvudredaktör, professor Marie-Paule Pileni, plötsligt sade upp sig. Det har föreslagits att denna avgång ställer tvivel om den vetenskapliga sundheten av vårt papper.
Men professor Pileni gjorde det enda hon kunde göra om hon ville rädda sin karriär. Efter när hon avgick, kritiserade hon inte vårt papper. Snarare sa hon att hon inte kunde läsa och utvärdera det, eftersom hon hävdade att det ligger utanför hennes expertisområden.
Men det är inte sant, vilket framgår av information som finns på hennes egen webbplats. Hennes lista över publikationer avslöjar att professor Pileni har publicerat hundratals artiklar inom området nanovetenskap och nanoteknologi. Hon är faktiskt erkänd som en av ledarna på området. Hennes uttalande om hennes ”stora avancerade forskning” påpekade att hon redan 2003 var ”den 25: a högsta citerade forskare på nanoteknologi ".
Sedan slutet av 1980-talet har hon dessutom tjänat som konsult för den franska armén och andra militärer institutioner. Från 1990 till 1994 fungerade hon till exempel som konsult för Société Nationale des Poudres et Explosifs (National Society for Powders and Explosives).
Hon kunde därför lätt ha läst våra artiklar, och det gjorde hon säkert. Men genom att förneka att hon hade läste den, hon undvek frågan som oundvikligen skulle ha ställts till henne: "Vad tycker du om det?"
Inför den frågan skulle hon ha haft två alternativ. Hon kunde ha kritiserat det, men det skulle har varit svårt utan att uppfinna lite konstgjord kritik, som hon som en bra forskare med utmärkt rykte skulle säkert inte ha velat göra. Det enda andra alternativet skulle ha varit att erkänna sundheten i vårt arbete och dess slutsatser. Men detta skulle ha hotat hennes karriär.
Professor Pilenis avgång från tidskriften ger en inblick i villkoren för yttrandefrihet kl våra universitet och andra akademiska institutioner efter 9/11. Denna situation är en spegel av det västerländska samhället som helhet --- även om våra akademiska institutioner borde vara fristad där forskning utvärderas av dess inneboende spetskompetens, inte av dess politiska korrekthet.
I professor Pilenis land, Frankrike, är strävan att bromsa professorernas medborgerliga rättigheter vid universiteten särskilt stark, och kampen är hård.
Jag avslutar med två punkter. För det första är orsaken till sanning 9/11 inte en som hon har tagit upp, och handlingen hon valde var vad hon var tvungen att göra för att rädda sin karriär. Jag har inga dåliga känslor mot Professor Pileni för det val hon gjorde.
För det andra innebar hennes avgång från tidskriften på grund av publiceringen av vårt papper inget negativt om papperet.
Själva det faktum att hon inte gav någon kritik av det gav implicit en positiv utvärdering --- ett erkännande av att dess metodik och slutsatser inte på ett trovärt sätt kan ifrågasättas.
(Omtryckt från 911blogger.com
WTC7 i fritt fall: inget längre kontroversiellt
Professor Pileni's Resignation as Editor-in-Chief of the Open Chemical Physics Journal: an open letter from Dr. Niels Harrit
After the paper entitled "Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe," which I along with eight colleagues co-authored, was published in the Open Chemical Physics Journal, its editor-in-chief, Professor Marie-Paule Pileni, abruptly resigned. It has been suggested that this resignation casts doubt on the scientific soundness of our paper.
However, Professor Pileni did the only thing she could do, if she wanted to save her career. After resigning, she did not criticize our paper. Rather, she said that she could not read and evaluate it, because, she claimed, it lies outside the areas of her expertise.
But that is not true, as shown by information contained on her own website. Her List of Publications reveals that Professor Pileni has published hundreds of articles in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. She is, in fact, recognized as one of the leaders in the field. Her statement about her "major advanced research" points out that, already by 2003, she was "the 25th highest cited scientist on nanotechnology".
Since the late 1980s, moreover, she has served as a consultant for the French Army and other military institutions. From 1990 to 1994, for example, she served as a consultant for the Société Nationale des Poudres et Explosifs (National Society for Powders and Explosives).
She could, therefore, have easily read our paper, and she surely did. But by denying that she had read it, she avoided the question that would have inevitably been put to her: "What do you think of it?"
Faced with that question, she would have had two options. She could have criticized it, but that would have been difficult without inventing some artificial criticism, which she as a good scientist with an excellent reputation surely would not have wanted to do. The only other option would have been to acknowledge the soundness of our work and its conclusions. But this would have threatened her career.
Professor Pileni's resignation from the journal provides an insight into the conditions for free speech at our universities and other academic institutions in the aftermath of 9/11. This situation is a mirror of western society as a whole---even though our academic institutions should be havens in which research is evaluated by its intrinsic excellence, not its political correctness.
In Professor Pileni's country, France, the drive to curb the civil rights of professors at the universities is especially strong, and the fight is fierce.
I will conclude with two points. First, the cause of 9/11 truth is not one that she has taken up, and the course of action she chose was what she had to do to save her career. I harbor no ill feelings toward Professor Pileni for the choice she made.
Second, her resignation from the journal because of the publication of our paper implied nothing negative about the paper.
Indeed, the very fact that she offered no criticisms of it provided, implicitly, a positive evaluation--- an acknowledgment that its methodology and conclusions could not credibly be challenged.
(Reprinted from 911blogger.com)
South Tower Molten Metal & Collapse
May 2011 BBC Interview with Dr. Niels Harrit
Hypothesis -- Steven E. Jones
NIST engineer John Gross denies WTC molten steel
9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions [molten metal]
WTC7 in Freefall: No Longer Controversial
(i.) (ii.) (iii.) (iv.)
Introduction. Foreword. I. I Begin a Pilgrimage. (i.) II. En Route. (i.) III. A Pilgrim's Progress. (i.) (ii.) IV. Le Nouveau. (i.) (ii.) (iii.) V. A Group of Portraits. (i.) (ii.) VI. Apollyon. (i.) (ii.) VII. An Approach to the Delectable Mountains. (i.) (ii.) (iii.) VIII. The Wanderer. (i.) IX. Zoo-Loo. (i.) (ii.) X. Surplice. (i.) XI. Jean le Negre. (i.) (ii.) XII. Three Wise Men (i.) XIII. I Say Good-Bye to la Misère (i.)
I. His General Line of Business. II. The Shipwreck. III. Wapping Workhouse. IV. Two Views of a Cheap Theatre. V. Poor Mercantile Jack. VI. Refreshments for Travellers. VII. Travelling Abroad. VIII. The Great Tasmania's Cargo IX. City of London Churches. X. Shy Neighbourhoods. XI. Tramps. XII. Dullborough Town. XIII. Night Walks. XIV. Chambers. XV. Nurse's Stories. XVI. Arcadian London. XVII. The Calais Night-mail. XVIII. Some Recollections of Mortality. XIX. Birthday Celebrations. XX. Bound for the Great Salt Lake. XXI. The City of the Absent. XXII. An Old Stage-Coaching Horse. XXIII. The Boiled Beef of New England. XXIV. Chatham Dock-Yard. XXV. In the French-Flemish Country. XXVI. Medicine-Men of Civilization. XXVII. Titbull's Almshouses. XXVIII. The Italian Prisoner.
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I. The Dawn. II. A Dean, and a Chapter also. III. The Nuns' House. IV. Mr. Sapsea. V. Mr. Durdles and Friend. VI. Philanthropy in Minor Canon Corner. VII. More Confidences Than One. VIII. Daggers Drawn. IX. Birds in the Bush. X. Smoothing the Way. XI. A Picture and a Ring. XII. A Night with Durdles. XIII. Both at their Best. XIV. When shall these Three meet again? XV. Impeached. XVI. Devoted. XVII. Philanthropy, Professional and Unprofessional. XVIII. A Settler in Cloisterham. XIX. Shadow on the Sundial. XX. A Flight. XXI. A Recognition. XXII. (i.) (ii.) A Gritty State of Things comes on. XXVIII. (i.) (ii.) The Dawn Again.
Preface. Les Trois Ours. Les Quatres Saisons. La Rose Mousseuse. Les Trois Souhaits. Le Chat et le Renard. Blanche-Neige. Les Trois Citrons. La Ville Submergée. Le Poisson d'Or. La Cabane au Toit de Fromage. Le Vrai Heritier. Yvon et Finette. Le Renard et le Loup. La Mauvaise Femme. Baba-Iaga. Le Nez. L'Hospitalité du Pacha. Les Deux Frères. Le Berger et le Dragon. Les Deux Aumones. L'Amore d'Une Mère. Le Cheveu Merveilleux. Un Conte de ma Mère l'Oie. Godefroi, le Petit Ermite. Le Grain de Moutarde. Vocabulary. (a - l) Vocabulary. (m - z)
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