Kournikova partner

In true turn of the century fashion, Kournikova showed off rock-hard abs in an all-white belly-baring ensemble with strappy heels while Enrique wore distressed flared denim jeans and a black dress ... Please find below the Former tennis star ___ Kournikova crossword clue answer and solution which is part of Daily Themed Mini Crossword August 28 2020 Answers.Many other players have had difficulties with Former tennis star ___ Kournikova that is why we have decided to share not only this crossword clue but all the Daily Themed Mini Crossword Answers every single day. Enrique Iglesias took concertgoers at a show in New Mexico completely by surprise by opening up about his relationship with Anna Kournikova.The singer and the former tennis star are parents to ... Enrique Iglesias and his partner of nearly two decades Anna Kournikova gave a rare look at their twins — Nicholas and Lucy, 2 — with an adorable Instagram video Anna posted to her account on ... With her partner, Martina Hingis, Kournikova won Grand Slam titles in Australia in 1999 and 2002, and the WTA Championships in 1999 and 2000. After a successful career, Kournikova retired at 21 because of a back and spinal problem, including a herniated disk. She does still continue to play every now and then, though. Anna Kournikova shares her beautiful Miami home with partner Enrique Iglesias. RELATED: Inside 27 of the most beautiful celebrity kitchens – from the Beckhams to Rochelle Humes The kitchen is ... Enrique Iglesias has been partner Anna Kournikova's hero for a very long time.. The 44-year-old Latin pop star and the 38-year-old Russian tennis pro began a romance in late 2001 after meeting on ... The Hero singer shares three children with partner Anna Kournikova March 07, 2020 - 13:33 GMT Jenni McKnight Enrique Iglesias and his partner Anna Kournikova welcomed their third child five weeks ago Who's Anna Kournikova? Bio: Net Worth,Married,Husband,Marriage,Today. From being one of the very Google-searched titles, to being among the most well-known tennis players from the business, to afterwards becoming the spouse of Enrique Iglesias, it appears there's little Anna Kournikova can't reach. Anna Kournikova hails from an athletic family; her dad was a wrestling Enrique Iglesias has been partner Anna Kournikova's hero for a very long time.. The 44-year-old Latin pop star and the 38-year-old Russian tennis pro began a romance in late 2001 after meeting on ...

WTA Doubles No. 1 Ranking - Makarova and Vesnina may end up as Co-No. 1 in the world despite not playing the French Open together

2018.06.04 18:42 alpacafarts WTA Doubles No. 1 Ranking - Makarova and Vesnina may end up as Co-No. 1 in the world despite not playing the French Open together

Still unclear the status of their partnership in the future so this result could be interesting.
The Race for Doubles No. 1: Latisha Chan was defending Semifinalist points from last year and needed to make the Semifinals to contend for the ranking but failed to do so.
Makarova and Vesnina currently are tentatively the Co-World No. 1 doubles players after both lost in R1 of the FO, both with new partners. If Timea Babos does not make the finals, then Makarova & Vesnina will become only 2nd & 3rd Russian players - male or female - ever to attain world no. 1 ranking in doubles after Anna Kournikova did so in 2000.
If Timea Babos reaches the FO final, she will have attained the World Doubles No. 1 ranking. Babos is bidding to become the first woman from Hungary to hold the No.1 ranking in either singles or doubles.
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2018.05.27 14:21 alpacafarts Mattek-Sanda/Safarova and Makarova/Vesnina split as doubles partners!

The two most prominent teams in womens doubles as of late are no longer together as they each pair with new partners!
Doubles Draw for French Open
Williams Sisters receive wildcard into doubles draw!
Latisha Chan, Tímea Babos, Makarova, and Vesnina are all in contention for the world No. 1 ranking! If either Vesnina or Makarova obtain the world No.1 ranking in doubles the player will have become only the 2nd Russian player (man or woman) ever to achieve such a feat! The only player who has done so before was Anna Kournikova!
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2017.11.08 15:18 vypre_ [Humor] Misadventures in Weight Lifting

The Star:
Me: A freshly divorced, 26-year old male Air Force Staff Sergeant in the service of His Majesty the Uncle Sam.
The Misadventure:
In the early 2000s, my military adventures landed me at Misawa Air Base on the northern end of the main island of Honshu, Japan. Prior to my arrival, I had spent my first 6 years in the Air Force stationed in places of warmth - Texas, California, Arizona, Florida, and back to Texas again. Misawa, on the other hand, was most definitely NOT a place of warmth.
While the summers could be quite hot and humid, they were fairly short. To me, it seemed like Misawa had two seasons - a short, 3-month summer immediately followed by a devastatingly cold and miserable 9-month winter. One of the winters I was stationed there, we received our first snow sometime around late September. From that point forward, there was no less than 3 feet of snow on the ground until it finally melted in late May. To make matters worse, Misawa itself was just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean and Security Hill, where I worked was surrounded by the lake-sized Anenuma Swamp on one side and Lake Ogawara on the other. Since Security Hill was literally on a hill, the combined affect of all these attributes was that Misawa in-general and Security Hill in particular were very prone to sustained freezing winds that pierced your soul no matter how many layers you tried to pile on.
At this point of my life, I had just started divorce proceedings from my wife and had made the decision to start taking better care of myself. I had recently found a co-worker who was into bodybuilding competitions and had started to partner with him for regular weight-lifting sessions, discussions on proper eating and supplements, etc. As a 5-foot, 4-inch, 140lb man, I've never been what anyone would call "big", but within a few months, my new found friend had helped me increase my body mass to 165lbs and I went from struggling to bench 90lbs to being fairly comfortable in the 215-225lb range. Suffice to say, I wasn't going to win any sort of body sculpting or power lifting competitions myself, but I had made significant gains and had found the frame of mind to work out even if my partner wasn't available.
One such occasion arose during one of my scheduled days-off and one of the most miserable stretches of cold I can remember. As a newly divorced non-commissioned officer, I had found myself a new roommate and shared house about 10 minutes from the base. To prepare for my trip back to the base gym, I decided it would be prudent to throw a pair of sweats over my usual workout t-shirt and shorts and set about the task of getting my things together. When I finished my preparations, I got in my car and made my way to my intended destination.
I had always hated the pre-workout warm-up calisthenics and stretches the Air Force had always made us do while we were in Basic and Technical School, but my new "coach" had gotten me into the habit of spending the 10-15 minutes preceding our weight-lifting sessions on a cross-trainer, treadmill, or some other such cardio machine. Having just come in from the cold, I decided to leave my sweats on for the task.
A few months before, the Air Force had decided to remodel our aging gymnasium and added a completely new, far larger weight-lifting area between the main part of the gym and second area where the cardio machines were kept. During the remodel, they had added a new hallway between the two areas that was enclosed by a windowed wall on one side and was completely open to the new weight room on the other. On the windowed side of this hallway, there was enough room for a row of assorted incline and decline abdominal benches and it was here I decided to begin with a few rounds of abdominal and back exercises.
The bench I chose for my first set of exercises was intended for reverse crunches. Basically, the bench was inclined at something like a 30% angle with your head at the top of the incline and your feet at the bottom. By holding a bar located behind your head, you could lift your legs off of the ground and up to your chest in a reverse crunch-curl. The way this bench was situated, I was facing out, feet first toward the busy weight room. After my first set of reverse-crunches, I had started to perspire fairly heavily and decided it was time to remove my sweats. So, I pulled them off and placed them in a heap on the floor before continuing my second set.
If you're a man, you should be well familiar with the situation I am about to describe and if you're a straight woman, you may have been an unwilling witness. If you find yourself of any other circumstance, you're in for a treat.
When a man sweats, the cheeks and all those dangly bits between the legs start to generate a lot of heat and subsequent sweat. During a hot day or any period of heavy physical exertion, that area directly between ass and balls ie. the "taint" (t'aint balls, t'aint ass), quickly blossoms into a nauseating factory of man-funk and immediately saturates everything within a 20-mile radius, including whatever specific genre of underwear said man chooses to employ. Following such an event, a smart man (or misfortunate wife) dons a hazmat suit to remove and burn the offending materials, unless the event occurs in Misawa. In the latter case, exposure to the devastating cold can immediately solidify the emanation, which can then be approached with nothing more than a paper hospital mask and a pair of Rubbermaid dish gloves.
It was during the initial stages of such an event that I found myself and as I said, the bench I was using was at the outer edge of a fairly busy hallway. By the time I completed my first and second sets, I had observed several Anna Kournikova look-alikes making their way around the weight room and across the hallway between the two main areas of the gym.
Now, I know every person on the planet tends to rate their own physical attractiveness at levels far in excess of the truth, but I'm a realist and I had been busting my ass with my workouts for several months. I had always been of the opinion that I had a good, sharp jawline and decent shoulders and my legs were probably better than most from nearly 20 years of distance running. Other than that, I was well familiar with the fact with I had always been a bit gaunt and underdeveloped, but I had finally employed counter-measures to do something about it. At this point of my life, I was positive I rated a solid 7. Maybe even an 8 if the lights were low and copious amounts of alcohol had been consumed by my quarry.
As a result, I was mildly surprised, but flattered that I had warranted the attention of such fine specimens of the feminine gender. However, by the time I was halfway through my third set, it had finally started to dawn on my Cro-Magnon brain, that the glances being bestowed upon my magnificent vestige by these world-class military models were not looks of begrudged approval, but of disgust and shock.
If you haven't put 2 + 2 together by now, my new-found groupies were bearing witness to a classic case of the previously-described biological catastrophe. In my hurry to leave my house for the gym, I had apparently donned my sweat pants, but had left my workout shorts on the bed where I had placed them. Upon removing my sweatpants, I had revealed the encroaching horror developing in my body-molded boxer briefs and was providing IMAX quality seats to the show.
I'd be lying if I said I nonchalantly replaced my sweatpants and went about my business; the scorching flames of shame and embarrassment made me flee in sheer terror. For the months that followed, I avoided that particular gym at all costs and whenever I made momentary eye contact with an attractive female anywhere onbase, I would find my face growing hot and flush.
tl;dr: Drove to gym in the freezing ass cold of Northern Japan for a workout. Removed sweatpants due to the impending production of weapons-grade sweat only to later realize I had forgotten my shorts. Provided entire gym with front-row seats to the Schweddy Balls Show.
Edit: usual grammatical corrections and formatting.
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2017.05.19 01:29 browneyeofprovidence Part 48: Transcription "Anthony's 'Trusted Staff' Blackberries" -- @Georgwebb Video Series

George Webb
Previous Notes
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  • >>>>> Continued From Part 47
  • Now usually I mean again overseas wouldn't happen in America, but you would set up a bombs two or three blocks away, sometimes two bombs, and then everybody rushes toward that, and then you get that you drug the guy, gass the house and drug the guy, you wrap them in carpet, or there's a million different ways, usually through the basement, and you you take off. You don't want your you don't want your operatives on film like the two Egyptian guys, that's why I went to that site
  • So people could see the place on 27th Street exactly where the Egyptian guys were.
  • Again they had the bag with the pressure cookers with them, before they left the hotel, and then their story was they found it on the street
  • So typically you would investigate something like that.
  • NYPD nothing
  • So I'm just holding people to a logical account, analyzing the metadata, and we'll see what happens with Fox later today
  • [Day 205.2. Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 2 - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 205 Part 2
    • The metadata has come out.
    • It's not only metadata, well I guess it is 44,000 emails, and 11,000 attachments, something like that Gigabytes of information, like we talked about this morning in the Seth Rich case
    • McFadden I love my researchers and I have benefited so much from my researchers.
    • This one I had from day one.
    • If you go back and check day one - 54
    • I had McFadden, Jones, and Ratner on day one, just because it just fit.
    • And I think Jones will come out--I mean the obvious link
    • Now is - McFadden there's documentary evidence of that with I don't know how many thousands of emails
    • I don't know how many tranches there were. Probably I'm guessing six or seven tranches, that went off to McFadden, but see
    • I'm still going to say this: McFadden's not the feed point for WikiLeaks
    • Jones was the feed point for WikiLeaks makes bad did the recruiting he had a summer journalism thing.
    • He would bring these kids in, would give them Ethics in Journalism, talk about responsibility, and then he would make them all stringers
    • So all these kids would go back to Scandinavia, and Finland, and all over Europe, and everywhere they don't have thought police,
    • And they would be stringers, and they would feed information, they would talk to different people, there's still this network out there, and I know CIA knows about it.
    • But truth network--whatever you want to call it.
    • But he wasn't a feed point. Jones was the feed point
    • So as this data is coming over in tranches right there's going to belet's say five thousand in each tranche you have to analyze it
    • It's coming in, WikiLeaks wants to analyze, you can see Julian Assange over, and over again, say hey, "I got to analyze this stuff. I don't know what I have. You're getting that much data, with that much volume, you don't know what you're getting"
    • So there's going to be phone conversations back and forth
    • And this is why I say the NSA is still going to be the key to this thing, and you're going to have it - NGA guys who have also have n NSA data that's the piece I don't think that's come out in this investigation
    • Yet maybe somebody else has covered it but the Clapper and Brennan were geo-locating all phone calls
    • They are sharp and I know people say that they're not geniuses--maybe they got them working for them--but they the NGA has this geo-located data
    • You're going to find the Awan brothers are going to be over at DISA, and the people they're bringing in are going to be coming into NGA.
    • NGA hackathons and they call them hackathons and that's where your leaks are going to come from with all the NSA data
    • That's other leaking the data to along brothers NSA phone call data phone calls of American personnel
    • So anyway 200 days or 204 days
    • Now but he Ratner connection hasn't come out yet, but the McFadden connection to Seth Rich has come out
    • I talked about metadata and the first one I think the the Jones shoe is going to drop here with the NSA thing in about two minutes, as soon as soon as Scavino, and the Trump folks recognize that, they realize they got their perfect alibi, by just proving that it's somebody else, with the Russian thing
    • But I do think the Braverman thing with Ratner will drop here pretty quick
    • Now the question--the other shoe--I mean Seth Rich is the first shoe of WikiLeaks story.
    • As I said from day one: the other shoe here is Braverman.
    • And where's Erik Braverman
    • We're still back to Day 204 Where's Eric Braverman
  • [Day 205.3 Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 3 - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 205 Part three
    • So a SEIU janitors comment
    • Okay. Well so Podesta--there's lots of emails.
    • Just Google SEIU and Podesta
    • It's it goes right back on the water front and Cleveland Teamsters-I mean I there's--one out of a hundred: I'm not saying that everybody at SEIU is a pillow murderer at the hospital
    • I'm just saying that the way it works the way infiltration works, is you get one out of a hundred--you get a guy who's working the graveyard shift (it's why they call it the graveyard shift) from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. and if you don't if you have a JTTF, and you have the police on your control and, that there's not going to be an autopsy.
    • Yeah, you can go to the SEIU janitor with the pillow as the piers that way it appears that they have JTTF on the on the Washington police, the DC police, justice for obviously the separate murder if you don't have that then. That's what I was saying about the nurse anesthetist: you got to make it look like an accident, you got to have a kid on rotation, you got to have oops I did it again, I shouldn't be given that much oh, yeah as a reaction to orange juice, you got to introduce an infection, you got to do something else that looks a little bit more like an accident
    • So I didn't mean to say I've solved the case this is an SEIU janitor that Podesta ordered up-- I didn't mean to say that.
    • I'm just saying that these are the plays. It's sort of like football these are the different plays that you can run. And as another coach as the opposing coach what to expect, or they ran that one they ran that one they ran that one. And then after a while you get to recognize little signals or tells in what they're doing
    • So I'm just saying to focus the research, it's going to be--if there is a footprint for the Seth Rich murder, it's going to usually be an SEIU meeting about two weeks out after he discovers it.
    • First of all who's the leak and then about two weeks later you're going to do the murder
    • Same things can be true with Braverman if Braverman's alive {?}
    • Now it's the nurse anesthetist and you SEIU--you got you got somebody in every hospital already.
    • Again these are people typically out of Federal prison, they have to do--kind of like the Stevie Stevens thing: you have to do a Dirty Dozen before you get off the hook, and then you're good to go, and they're going to build a new life for you somewhere.
    • And if you don't think that happens well then Okay. you don't have to think that happens but the Federal government's been doing it for a long time
    • So department of justice
    • So I'm just showing the plays that DOJ and FBI can run and then just laying those out, and then saying as evidence develops then we'll fit the a fit to play to the actual evidence
    • So I'm very open-minded. It's not necessarily an SEIU janitor with a pillow it's not necessarily a disorderly orderly, or a nurse anesthetist who did or said oops I did it again.
    • It could be any of those it could be somebody like Mahmood, hiring two ms-13 kid to go in and act like they're visiting some other person in the hospital, and then when nobody's looking, one person's look out, the other person does the pillow.
    • Again if you have JTTF on the local Washington DC police force, you're home you're home free--no autopsy whatever
    • So that's why I put the Mahmood out there.
    • Again I didn't create Awan Brothers Inc. I didn't name Arshad Mahmood--a murderer--as my registered agent
    • So I'm just following the facts.
    • People say oh it's Pakistani you're anti-muslim go back to the Portland Christmas tree bomber, where I fought Andrew McCabe, when he tried to do this fake crime and faked terrorism to get more budget and getting promotion
    • So please stop that!
    • So that's it for right n ow
    • Now we'll follow this as it develops
    • But Jones is going to be the key
    • Now you see that the beautiful thing about exposing these ratlies is
    • Now junior level people at Booz Allen with a prism browser can go blink-blink-blink on their keyboard and type Seth Rich and they can go oh there's a whole bunch of calls now to this John Jones--that's weird
    • Or plank plank plank Erik Braverman and oh Jesus look how many times he called Ratner, or this just phone number in New York at this law firm that's weird, and they can start putting the dots together
    • So as the ratlines are exposed more it's easier to fund it the case unwinds quicker it dissolves quicker is what I'm trying to say
    • And I think it's going to dissolve fairly fast now, with these releases
  • [Day 205.4. Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 4 - YouTube]
    • Okay. day 205 This is part 4 I think
    • So it's going to be really important now that the WikiLeaks connections established that we reach out to our WikiLeaks partners
    • The people that were in Gavin McFadden's network.
    • I think up until now they wouldn't have believed the connection the European connection to Gavin McFadden to John Jones
    • What I try to do in the videos, is even if you don't speak English, you could see like ___ today it was Seth Rich, Julian Assange, then it was John Jones, then there's a picture of Michael Ratner on the last one
    • So you could see the bowling pins as they were being toppled by, I'm going to say Podesta and Hillary, I'm not going to say anything else at this point but
    • So the next thing is outreach as I mentioned--outreach to WikiLeaks
    • And all the nations of Europe, because if they start getting in on, this the critical thing is now MI6, French Intelligence, the Dutch Intelligence, BND in Germany, even though they're dominated by CIA, there are still people within those agencies that have this data, by those FIVE EYES folks, as well New Zealand, Australia.
    • We had those folks before for leaks but now we need to reach out
    • {{ I don't speak French, so this is what youtbut did}} <> Julian Assange <hua Sil-vous-plait I was at porfavor in Spanish is caboose it is si vous voulez oh Okay. yeah avec moi c'est possible see visit Oh Justin]]] allocate a radio and that doesn't sound what it like it said when I said boo-boo lay off clear that means would you like the interview
    • So anyway I want to reach out to Medi medium Jose to extend that's going to be all the African speaking countries as well I'll do a Spanish {{911bs: this part: impossible}} version as well but right
    • Now I'm really focused on Europe. Belgium especially because that's NATO headquarters
    • We got to bring the shine too long Chandelon folks in on this
    • And then we'll pick up a lot of NATO people--there's a lot of people in France, especially, that really feel the heat of NATO, and this whole domination of dying poor Dyncorp and NATO
    • So I'm going for those folks Germans can speak English perfectly so I'm not going to worry about German
    • But I would like to reach out to the folks in in in France.
    • You'll have to translate my French as John F Kennedy used to say
    • But anyway I'll try to say it you say {{shakeela}} yeah I will try
    • So that's what I wanted to say especially today keep cards and letters coming all the comments coming going to be fairly quick
    • Now because all this data Trump is on an even footing
    • Now Trump knows the game now
    • He knows not to go back and whack with a big tweet.
    • He knows just to leak a little tiny bit of information, that totally destroys it's like the pin in the balloon it totally pops the whole peepee dossier that McCade came up with, and it totally pops the whole Flynn and Carter page wiretaps, and it shows the the metadata,
    • Every time he does that--exposes the routers, it exposes the NSA, it exposes the NGA, all these things these footprints, start coming out, and we can continue to build on those, even if we don't have the metadata
    • Now the other thing is Seth Rich has a brother also named Aaron, and he's been kind of kept at arm's length her,e and there's a good chance of Aaron could sue--for a suit of DC police department.
    • Once he sues in Federal court, he has the same discovery powers that the police do
    • So he can start going for the hospital cams, and the police cams, in the body cams, and the EMT cams, and the dash cam, of the ambulance, and the bar cameras, and all this as well as the convenience store across the street
    • Because I think he was set was rolled out at 4:15, and then somebody fired to a blank gun a little starter gun at 2:10, to snap the shoot finder system about 5 minutes later, and the perpetrators were long gone
    • We'll see we'll see what that will be on the metadata
    • But I wanted to reach out to Europe right now.
    • Especially all the investigators in Europe and especially the French and Belgian folks
    • {{Meza meet me francais this media edge }} and we'll go from there.
    • And hey if you're in Africa and you can market it and you want to help love you {{more french}}
  • [Day 205.5. Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens Part 5 - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 205 part 5
    • So the story is now going to turn to Salt Lake City.
    • Guy named Eric Barnhart
    • Like barn like a red barn and heart but take the e out of heart
    • So just think of a big going inside a barn and seeing a big heart Okay. maybe that's a good mnemonic or maybe a heart coming down on a barn and you probably say heart bar and then
    • So Eric Barnhart let's find a heart inside the barn
    • So Eric Barnhart why do I mention Eric Barnhart?
    • Well you're going to find he's a special assistant to director Comey, and he's a very good friend of Andrew McCabe
    • And he's also a very good friend
    • Now that he's a special agent in charge of the FBI in Salt Lake City, is extremely good friends with Evan McMullen
    • Well you're saying how yeah I haven't McMullen yeah yeah yeah ex-CIA what's that got to do with anything?
    • Well and Kevin McMullan is a key person in bringing over operatives from Syria.
    • Go look at it
    • Or from the Middle East, but the Syria region, basically what they're doing is they're taking the old al-qaida officers, that then became Isis officers and now they are no longer in Aleppo and they're getting trounced by the Russians and
    • So they're trying to recover them and bring them back into the United States
    • So you're saying Okay. Well maybe that's what Evan McMullins doing, or was doing.
    • How is it does that relate to Eric Barnhart?
    • Well, I believe Eric Barnhart was doing the same thing in Asia. He was in international operations in Asia
    • Now am I saying Eric Barnhart brought the Awan brothers in from Pakistan? No no not yet, maybe.
    • I'm not saying Eric Barnhart brought a Awan brothers or Massoud or any anybody else.
    • all I'm saying is the FBI used to be tasked with internal operations in the United States, and also counterterrorism.
    • And the CIA was our foreign Intelligence gathering folks
    • What they both are in now is covert action.
    • If you talk to people at the CIA, they say there's two sides of the business.
    • One's the FI business, which is foreign Intelligence, and the other ones the covert action side, to see a side.
    • Well there is no such thing.
    • Look at the foreign Intelligence Act of 1946 or 47 can't remember what whatever created the CIA--there's nothing in there about covert action nothing in there about Gladio units, nothing in there about black budgets, and funding Gladio units, Gladio a and Gladio B or the original Gladio program, with the guy named after University of Denver the Foreign Affairs school of Madeleine Albright statics just can't remember his name right now begins with an L
    • But he ran Gladio in Europe, through the Catholic Church.
    • Gladio B is going to be Eric Barnhart, and it's going to be Gulen, and it's going to be Pakistan, and Turkey, and Iran, and all those countries that's why they call it international operations Eurasia.
    • This is not something that the FBI should be doing, or the CIA should be doing.
    • This all comes back to a presidential decision directive 62 side in 1998, where it said the--President Clinton said--the CIA shall work together with the FBI to come up with a disruption campaign
    • My problem with all this is the FBI is in the wrong business, the CIA is in the wrong business, because covert actions, and funding your things that you think are important for national security are something that Congress should have a say in at least
    • The gang of eight, you have a say in the president should have a saying say in it, and the Intelligence committees in both of how Senate should have a say in it, that's why we have them
    • So I don't want to get on a rant, but I did want to highlight Eric Barnhart as the type of agent the new McCabe-type-agent, where McCabe's worried about officers getting 200 more officers in Iraq, when he wants to do a quid pro quo with Patrick Kennedy at the State Department.
    • What why do you think he wants that?
    • He's not doing that to recover children that are orphans.
    • He's doing that to recover people who had Intelligence training in Saddam Hussein's Army, that then went on to become the leaders--that one night they grew a beard, and became the leaders of the Taliban, and then they put Mullah in as frontman, and that's what ISIS is today--still today with the Gladio and the Gladio B
    • Now they're bringing them to the United States in the form of, like the Awan Brothers. And the Awan brothers are an example of this, to be used against the people of the United States of America. That soft jihad with with opiate jihad
    • So I just wanted to highlight that name, and let people start searching, you want to shape the search a little bit toward Eric Barnhart, and raise his profile a little bit.
    • And Eric I'm sorry: your friend Andrew McCabe came after me. I didn't come out for him.
    • I protested Portland Christmas tree bomber, and the fake the fake Muslim terrorism, but I never mentioned Andrew McCabe's back in 2010
    • So he came after me
    • So why not battle the Truth?
  • [Day 205.6 Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens Part 6 - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 2005 this is version six
    • sorry how little showed a little emotion that last one
    • {{ No need to apologize, "why not battle the truth?" is a great new mantra }}
    • I meant to say Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Taliban in Afghanistan
    • So just a correction there but
    • So here's why I said the French today, it wasn't to be condemned for my poor French, or anything like that, it was to get French words in the metadata, because I'm hoping to get hits from that from overseas
    • Now what I really was trying to do is show everyone how much I need your help in translating the versions because and here's what I think French is the key French is the international language of the European Union, other than Europe, other than English, excuse me, and there's just a whole bunch of people that are on a totally different Channel.
    • And I'm talking mainly journalists, and bloggers, but mainly journalists, that just don't aren't in this crucible.
    • They're not in this fake news cycle thing, and I know CNN is international, but believe me, there are really free-thinking people that are overseas.
    • But there's that initial resistance, because they just turn off English news channels, they turn they wouldn't ever consider picking up an American blogger, for instance.
    • But if they know that they're getting Intelligence from this network from valuated search, as well as some tidbits, we're getting from law enforcement, and also the Intelligence community, they'll start picking up on that
    • They all have been--the CIA and the FBI have shared and peanut butter the Intelligence across the network believe me and they've pushed it out
    • But they don't have that same coercive power that they had two days ago, when Comey was in, when Comey was in there.
    • Was still that coercive power just like JTTF here for our local and state police departments, as well as our Federal agencies, the same kind of coercive red team's exist, only worse overseas.
    • We have some civil rights left here, but it's worse overseas, and they're really in fear.
    • A lot of it's through NATO, a lot of it's through a lot of other different type Gladio type things, but I won't go into how they do the coercion, but they've had it worse for longer
    • I guess it's what I'm trying to say especially in the NATO countries, and the way to get to NATO is is through through French, I believe we have English, already, but what I'm saying is I would if there are francophones out there that would like to translate some of the metadata, the cliffnotes that have already been done, by can't remember his name right now gosh body-snatchers, something I can't 9/11 Body Snatcher, I don't know, but he's a great guy is just incredible programmer {{ (v) }}
    • That will help us be found in the search engines is what I'm trying to say and we'll get picked up hopefully in the European news
    • Now I know we have RT UK with Heather, and that's great, but I would like to get all the the French and the Belgian publications
    • Because what's going to happen is, there's going to be a French Intelligence analyst looking at something, looking at one of McCabes ratlines, and go and he's going to go, "why do I want to protect this? Why do I need to be a part of this ratline here? McCabe is going to be out in a couple of days, they're going to have a new Intelligence director, a new FBI director, why why do I have to persist in this?"
    • And that's going to change everything.
    • Because we've been under this 37 year cloud, and the people, Intelligence community have been in this thing so long, that they're the fish in the water--they don't even see the water, they just think that's the way it is.
    • They don't--the Constitution: what are you talking about? And it's never brought up
    • So that's what I'm trying to get to back to
    • Some reasonable people overseas, as well as adding pressure internally here, with law enforcement Intelligence. Thanks
  • [Day 205.7. Hillary'Hillarys , Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 7 - YouTube]
    • Okay. this is day 205 I think this might be number seven
    • Here in Toledo, Ohio just getting on the Ohio Turnpike heading to New York
    • So there's a reason I brought in Eric Barnhart, and there's a reason I brought in Chandelon and Nadeau, and they're both going to be finder reasons.
    • And I'm talking like Johnny Gosch finder reasons, Noreen Gosch finder reasons.
    • You're going to find this guy named Lyle Jeffs
    • Jeff's is going to be--I don't know if everybody remembers, but there's something there's a LDS Church obviously in Utah, which is a very good Church, great people.
    • And then there is an F LDS Church, which is the Fundamentalist LDS.
    • And these are the folks where bigamy is still good, and turns out finding is still good, and keeping people against their will is still good, until they're old enough to realize that that God's will.
    • And you're going to find this Lyle Jeff's somehow got away from Eric Barnhart, using olive oil: the great olive oil escape
    • So think of olive oil, huge thing of olive oil being poured on a barn, with a heart inside of it.
    • That's I remember mild Jeff's escape from Eric Barnhart.
    • There's other stuff with Eric Barnhart we're going to get to, but what I'm trying to get to is how small the little clutch of people that Andrew McCabe has brought in from these DynCorp areas.
    • To really pollute one of the great institutions of our time, which is the FBI.
    • And I realized the FBI with Martin Luther King and a lot of other things, but for the most part FBI spent a pretty darn good law-enforcement organization.
    • And Comey was on the edge, he had this he didn't know if he was going to clean it up or not, and then he got undermined with McCabe here lately, and still purporting to be his friend.
    • The part with NATO is, and again I want to say no offense whatsoever to Valerie Plame, I mean I think she is the super spy, she's the best that the United States ever produced, and maybe the best the world has ever produced.
    • Mata Hari, and the girl who all the Enigma machine, casts no shadow--I can't remember her name right now from the Polish mathematician, and famous story well while while seducing him on a bearskin rug, in front of a fireplace in Poland, she got the secret of the Enigma machine, and saved countless allied lives.
    • But anyway I didn't come here to tell that story, I want to tell the story about Jeffrey Epstein, and the Kosovo to Paris pipeline, the ratline, and this is the sad story.
    • It's this organ harvesting, with the yellow house, and all that, and they're still doing it now, if you saw Alex Jones, you see all the little Syrian girls giving their kidneys, while still alive, which is really sickening.
    • But and I don't try to get too judgmental, but that just wow that's bad.
    • But Epstein's run a ratline since 92/93 with Bosnia, and it's always the same thing: they get some ne'er do well didn't want to study in college the James Alefantis story.
    • Party too much, raped a lot of women, when they were knocked out.
    • And then what do you do with them when they get old? Seven years of college and a freshman, what do you do you? You make them run a pizza parlor, or you teach them how to fly: those are your two choices
    • So the way I believe the Europeans are really--well and and I think that Europeans need to be informed that Epstein is CIA and Alefantis both.
    • And realize that this is what CIA brought to the NATO.
    • We didn't bring the electric light--was that's another story.
    • But we brought this, we brought sex parties for generals
    • And the Valerie Plame's of the world did incredible spy craft in compromising all the generals, getting them to the right parties.
    • But what Tyler Drumheller didn't tell you, Valerie, was they were doing all these sex parties--was they started with sixteen then went to fourteen, and then went to twelve, okay?--with the girls from Kosovo
    • So that's what Tyler Drumheller didn't tell you.
    • So I'm going to leave it there right
    • Now on toward New York
  • [Day 205.8 Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 8 - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 205 I think this is part 8.
    • Metadata. You knew I was going to say metadata. It's either ratline or metadata you know my favorite words
    • So I'm going to introduce a new three-letter acronym PLA not PLA
    • MSP for most significant paragraph
    • The best way that you can help this investigation is, when you do a search, or you come up with a citation for a news article, or a book, or or anything, vote, if you quote a vote section of discussion, paste the most significant paragraph so that the people don't have to click off of the discussion to leave, and go do that
    • The reason is that not only helps the viewer stay within context, and pick up significant things as they're reading through the discussion, which is great, fantastic contributors, but then also that becomes metadata, and what's really great about metadata, is when you do frequency analysis, wonderful things happen, give an example, in the Enron investigation, they did frequency analysis, and rawhide kept coming up
    • Now I'm sure metadata will come up in this one and ratlines, but everybody said well gee seas are entering energy traders why is in their phone conversations why is rawhide coming up?
    • Because that was a shell corporation, and usually energy traders don't talk about rawhide.
    • If your leather trader I guess you talk about rawhide.
    • But anyway that exposed the first shell on the coding scheme, and then the other hundred shells were were cracked within two days.
    • And that's what got Pug Winokur--that's what brought down Jeffrey Skilling the whole crew was the frequency analysis
    • So that's why I'm so big on metadata.
    • And everyone talks about {{ mnemonic mode activated }} Anna Whacking the ball... Anna Kournikova whacking the ball... in "Anahuac Texas" or Port Arthur, or Port Chester or Port Arthur -- I forget these things myself.
    • Port Arthur down in Texas. These are ratline cities. These are ratline port cities
    • So doing an association with them if Port Arthur comes up a lot or Anahuac, and comes up a lot or Sugarland comes up a lot, or Beaumont comes up a lot or etc you get the point
    • So when you put most significant paragraph in there, that is out there working for you.
    • When you're at the beach this summer, when you're putting in the pier at your vacation home, when you're going your kids graduation, when you're sleeping at night, that metadata is out there working for you, it's working not only in your daylight hours but in Europe daylight hours, and all around the world 24 hours a day, it's working for you
    • So I just want to make sure that you don't think, "Oh George didn't respond to my question, and today I'm on the road, so it's really hard"
    • But I do, I am going to pull everything, and scrape everything with metadata, which reminds me somebody I think it's names 911 Body Snatcher, the nickname, needs the text file, somebody created the text file
    • So many well scraped all the text file, not only all the comments but all the summaries daily summaries, of slide summaries, and if somebody could post that again for me, really obviously, maybe like close to three times
    • So I don't miss it, because there's
    • So many comments now that would be very helpful
    • Okay. Oh one last comment about rare - one I really do thinkif Trump does give up Gulen--even though he's a figurehead -- Erdogan is going to propofol Gulen, and he's going to find out a lot, so
    • Now you're in a position--if you're McCabe or some of the other IC guys--you got to make a decision:
    • Do you let him go?
    • Does he have a horrible illness befall him on the very slow boat to Turkey?
    • How they going to get him there?
    • Are they going to drag their feet?
    • The other one is Zabar the gold trader, for the gold for oil trading
    • So we'll see Trump has a lot of power right now, and I think Trump's getting it
    • He has a real a chance to drain the swamp
    • The other thing is obviously it's 650,000 emails,
    • But the Gulen in one stroke, could end about half the ratlines, as well as legalizing pot nationally
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