Online dating proffs

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Just here to rant about waterloo

2020.09.24 08:16 JellyBaller311 Just here to rant about waterloo

Lately I've been very stressed about the work i have to do and how i have like 7 assignments due every week. Im barely able to study enough for the quizzes and end up guessing a few on a dumb fuckin mobius program. I just don't understand what the thought process waterloo had when they decided to give 10million things to do when the whole first year is online. I am basically paying 3.5k to teach my self and do quizzes online with due dates that are all close together!! Couple of days ago I had a mental breakdown at 4am after realizing i failed to submit something and ended up calling my parents to ask if i can just take a gap year. But of course, they said first year is the same for everybody. However, I feel like my friends who go to mc master and UFT still have time to enjoy some leisure time comparing to me who is just doing school work from 10am to 2am. Tbh i have been doing poor with my time management which is why im staying up so late everyday.
I was just wondering if anyone is thinking the same or having a miserable life like me right now. I have no motivation to do anything and just want to quit even though it is wrong. I had some expectations for first year in university cause thats probably the most exciting year out of the 4 years, but since thats gone i have been feeling very disappointed lately. Also, the fact that waterloo made classes so hard to understand (math 137 and math 135) even though its online is pissing me off even more!! My cs 115 proff is also kinda stupid because when there would be some questions where majority of the students don't know how to do including me, students would comment to request for help. However, this proff simply says "take a break and come back to it" LIKE BITCH I NEED HELP NOT A BREAK. But anyways, im posting this because i needed to express my feeling lately somewhere lol. lets survive first year together ppl T.T
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2020.09.04 10:19 Paulisawesome123 A 3rd years guide / retrospective on 2nd year BMEG

Howdy fellas, here is my yearly good deed. I'm gonna go over every single course I took in 2nd year of BMEG and give you all advice / warnings. Of course, everything is up in the air right now due to online fun times, but I hope this is useful anyway.
BMEG 201 This is the professional writing course. I had Ms. Eyking. I will admit, I don't like writing. Never liked English in high school. This course was pretty fine. Most assignments where group based, where you could choose your own group (although it was one group for the entire semester). Ms. Eyking would also be a real one and move due dates back if we had midterms near the due dates. I talked to her a bit, and she mentioned that she wanted this course to be integrated with BMEG 257, the design course. Not sure if that happened yet, but if it did, this course will become much more interesting and applicable. Midterm and final where both simple, not much studying required. Pay attention in class and get the proff to like you.
BMEG 210 Dr. Potvin teaches thermodynamics. Really good course. Guy actually cares about his students. Wears the same black shirt and jeans every day, but we don't judge here. Will make sure you understand everything he teaches before moving on. Kinda to the courses detriment, as sometimes he will linger on certain subjects for a while. I didn't mind, CPEN 221 had a lot of homework that semester so free time was nice. Do plenty of practice problems, will make the midterms and final much easier. Assignments where just a couple word problems. Some where a bit confusing but Dr. Potvin was always willing to help in office hours.
BMEG 245 Ah yes, pain. This is the big course all about cells. It is taught by 3 different proffs, and a 4th does labs (no idea what they are doing for online). For me, the intro of the course was Dr. Nabi. Nice guy, slides where a combination of words and pictures. Next was Dr. Rideout. Lovely proffesor. Mostly pictures on her slides, but she explains everything very well, so annotating the notes is plenty. She also makes it very obvious as to what you need to know. Best proff in the course IMHO. Finally, there is Dr. Roskelley. He's a nice guy, but my god his slides. Some have like a paragraph on one slide. Kinda a pain. This is sadly a memorization course, which kinda sucks. Every exam, midterm, and quiz just involved answering a question that boiled down to "hope you memorized this trivia." Interesting material, at least. The only assignment other than labs where 1 quiz per section. These where 20ish questions long, but you could do them in a group and debate answers. They where also limited to 7 hours after starting.
MATH 253 Multivarible calc. Basically the same format as MATH 100 and 101. You get webworks, you get midterms, you get final. This is a good course, cause calculus finally becomes useful in the real world / in term 2 when you take BMEG 220. I had Dr. Alexander Weekes as my proff. Literally second best math prof I have ever had. Amazing guy, super nice, great at teaching.
MATH 256 This is a course about differential equations. It is kinda dry, but I enjoyed it mostly cause my professor was a goof. You will miss most of this with online stuff sadly. Webworks are pretty short, but they DON'T have unlimited attempts. Luckily, they aren't BS so you should be able to get it well enough. Midterm and final also has it so if you get a multiple choice question wrong, you loose a point. This sucks.
CPEN 221 This is a good course. As you noticed by the flair, I am a TA for this course. I swear this isn't biased. This course is one of the most useful courses I have take. Sathish is a god. This course also consumed most of my time that semester. You have midterms, programming proficiency tests (try to program something within a time-limit), assignments, and mini-projects. This course is a lot of work, but my god do you learn a lot. My big pieces of advice is learn a bit of Java syntax before starting (you got a couple days good luck), and don't worry about marks. It is incredibly hard to fail this course, I think only 1 person failed last year. Sathish wants you to pass. Also the marking system is a blackbox. I have no idea how I got the mark I got, but it was 3% higher than what I calculated using the marking system Sathish described. Nice guy.
CPEN 223 Didn't take this. This is just CPEN 221 but less stuff and in C#. I would seriously suggest CPEN 221 as it keeps more doors open.
BMEG 250 This is a biophysics course. I don't really know what happened here. Vikram a nice guy, he taught well. There was like I think only 2 homework assignments the entire term? There was also a "term project" except we only really worked on it during the last month. That project does teach you how to use a variety of tools, so it is useful! The midterm wasn't too bad, just using problem solving skills and some biology knowledge. Final last year was take home. It killed us. Super complex for whatever reason.
BMEG 230 Biomechanics. Extremely good course. Dr. Newell is an amazing proff. Here lectures where always very interesting, and all assessment fair. We had 5 or 6 homework assignments that where given in tutorial, which was nice as the TA's are lovely and helpful. Labs where also quite fun, although I don't know how they will be given this year. Midterm and final where also quite fair. Make sure you memorize the anatomy she tells you to memorize! If you did well in PHYS 170, you'll be fine here.
BMEG 257 The design course. Ugh. Poor use of class time. So much pre-reading, and we would consume an entire lecture just on a dumb pre-reading quiz. I would say over a third of our lectures where these quizzes. This left little to no time for the professor to actually teach us the material, which really sucked cause he is a good lecturer! We had a lecture on copyright and patents. It was amazing, I wish every lecture was like that. The project was also quite a drag until you actually built the thing. Assignments where reports on your project's progress. Final exam was mostly about the lectures, marked very harshly I found. Pray for good group selection.
BMEG 220 and MATH 264 Electromagentics, and vector calculus. Although these are technically 2 courses, they are taught together, and you end up getting a very similar / shared final mark. This course is hard, but my god it was my favorite course that term. Dr. Harandi is a nice teacher, although it's very obvious she would prefer students to just instantly understand the material. She really didn't like repeating herself. This is a shame, as most students did not get the material on the first run through. Other than that, I found she taught well, and was overall pretty nice. Dr. Loewen teaches the math part. He is the head of math department. Best math proff. Super nice, will go over stuff till you get it, and has a wonderful way of teaching. Only issue is he loves making hard exam problems / webwork problems. Course is all webwork and 3 midterms. The webworks are quite hard. I spent many many hours on them throughout the week. I got to over 100 attempts once, that was fun. Midterms will destroy your very being. I think our avg on the first midterm was 48%. Good times. They scale, luckily.
CHBE 251 This is a fun fuild dynamics course. Taught by the odd but likeable Dr. Martinez. Very fair course. No homework, your mark is based on midterms and final. All are very fair assessments, just do a bunch of practice problems. I was told his notes suck, but I found as long as you pay attention in lecture it was not too bad. He always says you should read the text book and use his notes to add to your own notes from the book. I did this for the first two chapters of the book. Didn't find it necessary, stopped doing it and continued to do fine.
EDIT Here is some bonus courses you might take with BMEG. I took these online during summer so I can comment on how they where run.
CHEM 233 This course is a continues the fun hell of organic chemistry. I had Dr. Wickenden. Really excellent chem prof, helpful in office hours, provided good live online lectures. This course requires a lot of practice. Do all the sample problems. Seriously. I struggled with this course a lot, but did several hundred practice problems in preparation for the final, which boosted my grade significantly. Don't be like me. Do the practice before the quizzes and midterms lower your grade. Assignments where weekly quizzes and a bunch of problems on this website called sappling. Sappling held a low grade weight, but served as great practice.
STAT 251 Woah, this sucked! It was all pre-recorded, and all it was was the prof reading / writing the notes. He also had a heavy accent, which was sometimes hard to understand. Because of this, I just read the notes briefly, and moved onto the homework. Homework included fairly simple webworks and labs. The webworks did not have unlimited attempts, but they where simple. Labs where cool. All of them involved analyzing data using a program called R. It is kinda like matlab, but for statistics. I enjoyed it! Syntax is a bit odd, but I liked it. Midterm and final where fair, again do a bunch of practice problems.
MATH 220 I loved this course. It is about mathematical proof. This sadly had the same format as STAT 251. All pre-recorded lectures of the prof writing out the notes. This saved me time as I just read the notes quickly. Homework was NOT webwork. It was all written assignments. I did them all in LaTeX, which was fun as I got to learn how to use LaTeX, which is a useful skill, I hope. These bastards where long, averaging 18 questions each. They took a long time, some questions took over an hour each. This course is interesting as it actually made me understand the material of CPEN 221 a bit better. Midterm and final are tough. Really make sure you understand the uses of all the tools this course gives you, and do plenty of practice problems. That will help you the most on the exams. If you can read a problem, and either know what direction to go to prove it / instantly know the proof then you have a chance of acing the final.
And that's that! comment if you have questions.
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2020.04.06 00:33 Mrbarry135 Cheating Ex gets screwed over

Been a bit of a wild 5 days but I don’t know where else to post this so I’m assuming this is the right subreddit.
I didn’t carry out the revenge but the man doing so did illegally and a police reports been filed and everything. I’m more just getting joy out of her being betrayed and the inconvenience.
5 days ago I get out of the shower and look down and my phone, and see I have a random Facebook message from some go I don’t know. Little did I know this would turn my whole life upside down as I have been dating this person for almost two years. This guy says hi I just found out about you but I have to tell you something about your gf. He says they have been dating for two months she’s been over to see him for a week (she told me she was staying at her grandparents it’s where she grew up). I got proff if message such as her telling him that I love you, I’m going to move in with you and some pics that where of the naughty variety.
She admitted to everything but said it was mistake but I had to end the relationship and she moved out the next day. I’ve been getting message of regret the past couple of days that I’ve had to ignore, but the last message said the bloke had taken 600 dollars out of her bank without her knowledge account to buy something online. Now she’s made a report and is getting the money back but I just thought it was funny that after all that she’s lost me, him and his tried to rip her off
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2020.03.24 13:40 nimitz34 Chris Green Offers Moldy "Social Proof" to Teach Outdated Methods to the Gullible for Merch by Amazon and KDP

So yesterday was the deadline for his challenge. Couple days before was FOMO Sunday. Pushing in his FB group and showing off a $70K check from early days (Create Space) of KDP. From . . . wait for it . . . 2014. Wonder what kind of shelf life he thinks that "social proof" has. He'll probably be still touting it decades from now when he's bald and toothless, and of course still saying Merch is in its infancy.
Link to excerpts from that thread here. Names of the innocent heroes smudged and those of gurus not. But initials of innocent heroes used as they often appear multiple times. (Mod note: don't mention their full names if you know them from that thread.)
Chris Green doesn't actually do Merch by Amazon or KDP in a real way, and never has
He was in at the beginning, and should be in nosebleed tier by now. But he's not. He should be applying the dated methods of yesteryear for his own accounts and making solid bank if they still work, but he's not. He's just using methods of past years that no longer work, showing stale "social proof", and touting outlier results of others based on other methods, huge adspend to get small net revenue, and cheating.
His marketing methods:
  1. Years ago spend a fuck ton of money to launch a book, for the purposes of touting such a service and for years of passive "social proof" profits to use in scamming.
  2. FOMO (fear of missing out) + urgency.
  3. Stale social proof from someone who can't do what he teaches. And said social proof being only gross revenue rather than net of expenses to pump it up for scamming.
  4. CDE (controversy drives engagement) +get rid of critics by deletion and banning.
  5. Deflect and ask for proof of those asking him for same, and tout the lifetime, i.e. not recent, results of others.
  6. Get nuthugging friends to come in with own results of yesteryear.
  7. Then get gullible on a live w/o critics and close the scam. He is banking on their desperation, gullibleness, and being "inspired", as well as their laziness in researching what is the reality of today's conditions.
  8. Scam only for $37 because this is a top funnel scam designed to suck the sheep in, who can later be pulled through a series of challenges, offered other stuff and ofc affiliate commission links. Then after extracting the LTV (lifetime value) from those sheep, go find more for the next click funnel round.
Highlights and lowlifes: [my emphasis added in bold - plus some light spelling/grammar corrections]
(LW) Old cheque no?
(CG) From back when they send real paper checks. Everything is digital now.
(LW) So how is yur earnings compared to 14? Show us numbers with proof.
(CG) This picture is literally a numbers game with proof but you don't like it.
(LW) No this is proof that you can make them numbers in 2014. Not proof you can in 2020.
(CG) This is called 'moving the goalposts'. I could show you anything and you'd want more. The Merch Challenge is just $37 but if you want to keep learning from the free facebook groups go for it. I don't hard sell or sell t the unssellable.
(LW) No I'm just saying 2014 money is not earnt in 2020 [so] stop cashing in on fools. If there was proof like this from 2020 the merch challenge wouldn't have been invented.
(CG) KDP doesn't send checks in 2020. But feel free to post your checks from 2014 or 2020.
LOL CG saying someone moved the goalposts on him. He moved them by using results from previous years not now. Then demand proof from someone not selling anything who asked him for proof.
(KE) "but if you want to keep learning from free facebook groups go for it". As they should, there's no magic info in paid groups. I've never once paid for a course and was still able to build a full time income on etsy within a couple of months and have had plenty of success on KDP as well. The only goalposts that have been moved, are the obstacles with selling that change every year (if not more often). Don't play dumb and act like the landscape hasn't changed dramatically in 6 years. You're just making "guru courses" look even more scammy.
Gold star comment there.
(YO) Fake it to sell $37 courses. If you made $70,000 why selling a course for $37? The check is dated 28 Oct 2014. Show us what you did from 2014 until now.
(CG) Fake it? Fake it? I enjoy teaching and honestly, it's more scalable as a business.
(YO) Yes teaching is more scalable as a business, that's why everyone do it. But it's hard to make this much every month from 2014 until now. (CG) Yes making real money is hard. Otherwise everyone would already be doing it.
(YO) So you rather show a result from 2014 to sell a course in 2020 rather than spending time making money in 22020, you try to make profit out of an old success. It's like Nokia trying to sell courses on how to make great phones in 2020 and show us proof of his sales in 2005. Show me what you did in 2019 and I will be the first to buy and share the course. Don't take it personally. I made $50,000 from ebay in 2015 but I never try to sell a course today. Because I know everything has changed. That's why you sound like a scam.
(CG) I respect your opinion. The analogy is different. Ebay WAS different in 2015 compared to today. I have no hesitation using this check as social proof because what I did to earn it can 100% be done today. Those that have followed me since before 2014 probably know the story of this check and the process that went into it. I specifically stopped direct deposit and switched to paper checks for this payout so that I could take this picture specifially to use as marketing (just like did Shoemoney). Are my checks this big today? Nope, because I'm not doing the same launch that led to this check.
LOL he means guru scamming is a more scalable business. And again the deflection from the conditions of 2014/5 to those of 2020.
(CG) Nothing shady and nothing to expose. In three weeks we'll see how the Merch Challenge reviews come in. Deal?
Yeah because the gullible will be glowing and overflowing with praise. Check back with them in 6 months for followup reviews you clown.
(LW) Lol comment all day long with your stupid replies. Everybody who has at least half a brain knows this is a click bait post with a 2014 cheque and nothing to back it up. It can still be made other than a few words.
(NateMc) I'm defending a good person who has helped me for 7 years. If that's stupid so be it. You're here for what? I have no horse in this race. I could care less how much you don't buy it lol.
LOL no horse in the race. So why did he comment and rush to CG's defense? Because he is a longtime CG nuthugger and fellow IM scammer who sells services and speaks at scam ecomm conferences.
(LW) Still no numbers from 2019-2020. Just a 2014 cheque.
(CG) Yes, that's all that was posted. Then a bunch of ghosts showed up making demands and bumping this post like it's their job.
(LW) No just wanting to see proof before signing up. Like anyone else would want to see.
(CG) Real Talk: this challenge isn't for you. I don't feel that there would be anything that I could provide or any amount of value that I could give that would satisfy you. You're welcome to remain a member of this group so long as you are not disruptive. Mindset matters and if you spend time looking for excuses and reasons that things won't work, you'll definitely find them.
(LW) Mate I'm not thick. I make all my money online. But and the but is massive, your reply to my last question didn't answer anything. You cannot proff that cheque can be made in 2020. You're giving false hope to people who are vulnerable to your lies. But I will leave your group as you are right it's pointless being here. I'm a member of many groups who I help and probably offer free advise better than your paid challenge.
Yeah he can't satisfy that dude because he can't offer proof from the past year that his methods still work. Not only because they don't, but because he doesn't actually do merch or kdp.
(BS) Because of what Chris Green has taught me over the years, I applied for a Merch account 3 years ago. I have sold $26,743 dollars of Merch with a Royalty to me of $4,333. This doing this very part time with NO graphic design experience. It helped me pay off my car and has put extra food on the table as a single father of two boys. If you're having doubts, this platform works. If you put in the work. Thank you Chris Green for showing us the opportunity to create a business out of nothing with no inventory & no upfront costs (the machines that print these shirts are $500K).
His initials are so good. And he spouts the entire guru scam pitch: part time and easy with no graphic skills needed, no inventory, irrelevant mention of price of Kornit printers, plus appeal to emotion mentioning he is a single father of kids to attract others in same situation. Might as well have added "this is a compensated endorsement". Plus I know his stuff on MBA and he does B2B not the shit CG teaches with "vetting demand/reversing demand" (improvecatting with theft tools like MI), and just the usual merch guru bro way that hasn't worked since late 2017.
(DH) Sorry. After investing in your merch dojo program and promises about certain things were not even remotely kept, I have zero faith in this. Have you done stuff for the community? Absolutely, however after that last experience you have lost all trust with me on delivery.
(CG) respect. Merch Dojo wasn't perfect. Hopefully can earn some trust back.
(YO) Your comment just show us that you run a scam business. You never asnwered any question, you keep jumping around. Is it hard to take a screenshot from your account? You want us to trust you? Really. I'm glad I prevent other people from falling for this scam. Sorry Mate, you sound like a scam.
Right. Honest review of the Blojo deflected and hoping he can scam him again anyway.
(RJ) I remember reaching out to you 3.5 yrs ago and you messaged me back. Then I started to design my shitty Trump design. That sold once on accident lol. Thanks man for all you do. Thug life af.
(CG) Nice screenshot! Now wait for people to call it fake and use that as their excuse. #GuruLife
HAHAHAHAHA. Endorsement from an improvecat whose lifetime results don't reflect his piss poor sales now, and who was banned from etsy for infringement and showed off that infringing disney/sports mashup hat. This is like going to prison to get an endorsement from a felon and then being proud of that.
PLUS RJ is too dense to realize that CG and Helen basically stole the challenge method from Matt and himself.
Wrapping it up
In a way you have to admire these guru scammers. Think of the thick skin and determination that they have to have to keep taking and ignoring the criticism and just keep repeating the lies. Like Merch Money Corona Helen does. Or power punch amy, i.e. Amy Nicholas. If you see her out there in the wild, she is a stone cold ruthless scammer selling courses, design bundles and aff coms. Stay away unless you hate money.
A parting pearl of "wisdom" from CG:
a pessimist is someone who thinks everyone else is as nasty as they are
Edit: formatting to make clear who one of my comments directed at.
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2019.10.16 01:59 pmr92 I think i might possibly be Aromatic

So Frist thing frist Im dyslexic, so please it at the point i dont want to make comment or post anywhere online cause i always get insulted pick on and ask if im having a stork. I could go into all the reasons why spell check is not the god send everyone seem to think it is. But that not the topic of today.
So im a 27 M. My last "relationship" was 7 years ago. Last 3 months, she was a hopeless romantic. And i remember telling her im not at all. Like i like kissing and all the sexual stuff. But like we would go to sleep together (no sexual) i didn't like cuddling and that stuff. The lovey dovally stuff just never applied to me. When she broke up whit me it was cause she felt like we were more fuck friends then bf/gf.
I fell like at 27 i should already have this shit figure out. But at the same time I first heard the term aromatic yesterday and did a quick google and youtube search on it today. Like people keep asking why am i single. With me saying I dont know i cant explane it. And whenever friends are tying to convince friends that maybe they should stay single for awhile. They will used me as a example.... To witch im still not sure how i fell about that but wtv.
Thing is i do want a relationship. Well kinda of, it more along the line like i fell like im expected to want one. Like out of my friend and family im the only one who hasent been in one. What wrong with me. And top that off with the pressure I get from family and my mother. Who loved to remind me she cant wait to have a grandchild and see me get married. And eveing gose as far as suggest dating site you need a gf you'll be happier ect ect.. And i keep using different excused im not ready for a relationship cause of X made up reason. And i find myself getting with women telling them yeah i would like a relationship but when it get down to it. Ill always end up with the "im not into this" "I see you more as friends" "I dont want a reaonship right now" To witch i get accused of being a fuck boy player you name it. and it sucks every time cause i always thought well maybe if i try maybe this time ill fell something more. But then i realized all i really felt was lust and that faded. So after the last time ill told myself next time ill wait for the lust to fade and try and force myself into loved. Cause it never works.
My therapist had me convince i had a avoidance attachment style. that must be why your always single. Why you scared of getting hurt. And im not im scared of hurting them when i figure out im not having them felling for them when they are for me. Witch in turn confused me more. Ill put so much energy into tying to find "the one" Evening do i dont really belived in it.
honest it fell like the only reason i fell like this is cause everyone around get into and goes out their way to get one and then their me. Ill always get ask why im always single. To witch make me fell like im broken... actually the more i type this out the more i fell like im not actually broken. Actually i fell like if i have to ask the question it cause i already know the aweserd. Actually the more i type this out and expoler my own self to type this out. The more i fell like this dose make scene. I dont know i guess that why im here. Not to be told yes you are or no your not. but more like yeah it dose make scene or no it docent. idk maybe im over thinking it or looking to much into it.

Thx for reading or at least tying to. Belived it or not i did multiple proff read and spell check this is as good as it gonna get unfortunately in the spelling.
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2019.09.20 03:09 -ixto- ABGT348 - The Midnight Guest Mix [Official Discussion Thread]

HELLOOOOO! Welcome back to ABGT! Today's episode feature synthwave duo The Midnight who will be showcasing their forthcoming new album.

Listen Live


  • Your ABGT350 Lineup is here! Featuring Above & Beyond, Gabriel & Dresden, Genix, ilan Bluestone, Qrion, Spencer Brown and Tinlicker.
  • We now have an ABGT350 Megathread. If you are joining us for this journey, make sure to check it out here
  • Want to skip the lines at the O2 Arena? Check out the Anjunastore to buy your merch today
  • We now have a chat box on Reddit. Check it out! Tune in live every week during ABGT!
  • Jordi van Achthoven and Micha Heyboer are Tinlicker. Dancefloor sensibilities meet dynamic songwriting and forward-thinking sound design on debut album, ‘This Is Not Our Universe’. Coming September 27th on Anjunabeats. Click Here for More information
  • Moon Boots was a guest on our sub this week with an AMA. Read all about it here!
  • The Anjunabeats Tour is hitting the road again! This time hitting up the UK. For more locations and the lineup, head over to
  • Anjunadeep Open Air returns bringing in more talent than ever and hitting more horizons than ever. For more information check out

Hot and Fresh from the Anjunakitchen:

Date Artist Title Mixes Streaming Release ID
Mon Sep 16 Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston There's Only You 01. No Mana Remix 02. Crystal Skies Remix Stream ANJ543RD
Tue Sep 17 Ben Böhmer, Nils Hoffmann & Malou Breathing Original Mix Stream ANJDEE434D
Wed Sep 18 DT8 Project Carry On / We Are Oxygen Original Mix Stream ANJ570D
Fri Sep 20 Andrew Bayer Bottle Top Trance Original Mix Stream ANJ574D
Fri Sep 20 Westseven Feeling EP 01. Feeling, 02. Colony, 03. Lost Language Stream ANJDEE435D

September Release Schedule

Weekly Anjuna Radio


  1. Max Meyer & Wilderness & A-Line - Forest Man (PROFF Remix)
  2. Joseph Ray - Room 1.5
  3. The Midnight - Kids (PROFF Dub Remix)
  4. ROTW Andrew Bayer - Bottle Top Trance
  5. Above & Beyond ft. Zoë Johnston - There's Only You (No Mana Remix)
  6. Tash Sultana - Can't Buy Happiness (Maor Levi Remix)
  7. AxelPolo & Misja Helsloot pres. Dark Echo - Dark Side
  8. Ronski Speed pres. Sun Decade - Follow You (Bryn Liedl Remix)
  9. Emerge - The Force
  10. Nora En Pure - Birthright (Dosem Remix)
  11. Billie Eilish - Idontwannabeyouanymore (Judah Remix)
  12. Ben Böhmer & Nils Hoffmann ft. Malou - Breathing
  13. PTB Grum - Stay
  14. Freefall ft. Jan Johnston - Skydive (Paul Thomas & Bluum pres. KBT Remix)
  15. BLR - Carillon
  16. BLR - Odyssee
  17. CamelPhat & Jake Bugg - Be Someone (Cristoph Remix)
  18. Flashback Cubicolor - Black Vines
The Midnight Guest Mix
  1. The Midnight - Crystalline (Dan Sieg Remix)
  2. The Midnight - Lost Boy (A.M.R. Remix)
  3. The Midnight - Collateral (Kobana Remix)
  4. The Midnight - America Online
  5. SYML - Clean Eyes (The Midnight Remix)
  6. The Midnight - Tokyo Night Train

ABGT Links

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2017.06.17 02:30 wookienipple Power went down,Didnt achieve enlighment and now im a Bigot with bad grammar.(My teenager gf probably had sex with alot of guys before me never knew until today)

Well today i had a forced break for the net (light went down for hours) I got outside feel the birds,the sun,close my eyes and started meditating ( dont belive in nirvana but i gave it a shot) after a few minutes i got bored and remain in the pose but keep looking the trees and birds and this nasty memeory from my younger self pop out.I was a really young lad a normal boy.Six or Seven grade i remember dont have pubes or just start growing,where im going is i knew i liked girls but i didnt had intereset on moving foward i had girlfriends but they mean nothing were kids , more best friends than other things. I meet the girl on this years on the internet. we play a lot online,live close,a few mutual friends eventually one day she said he liked me too much in game, and asked to be my girlfriend i write to her why not ( voice chat wasnt a thing back then). She seems to be cool with it.Well she didnt log on Saturday or Sunday.Monday after school end i saw her, not outside the school in my living room talking with my mom. We eat after she stays alone she ask again ask her how she know where i lived (a friend of mine told her) , she was a cool online friend a even went to movies before but i knew we were too young and we just fight over someshit and never be the same again like all kid "relationships" before,but she was for real she came the next day . She was persistent and nice ( at that age i thought that,today i know for a fact that isnt a romantic act is a red flag).Some time before i said yes, we started dating we could go anywhere in the city even her house or mine alone, we mostly watch movies or play videogames, for some reason she liked 10,000 pieces puzzles . Here come the Nasty sorry but, she appeared like a such naive and friendly girl that the part i remember from her the most or i selectively just picked to fool myself into not beliving the truth She started to being more and more "sexual" from holding hands to gross french kiss sesions(she grab me and ask to be grab everywhere),the point to be agresive she , like "too many pornos dude" even she swear she never saw one and i know becase she insisted on see my dick "just let me see it" when her mom was on the other room while we watch movies, She was really nasty may be a horny dude dream he will just fuck her and let her be this gross chick who he doesnt care and just like to clean his cum on her eyes while she smile and keep being nasty bitch.I didnt like that stuff then , dont like it now the things keep acumulating and after have gone all the way,the stuff feel moraly wrong we ended and hate each other,avoid ,delete pics ,unfriend (if she were a guild master maybe took all the gold). You can can say: Hey dude ! thats normal! she was young too! She may be was influenced by pornography or maybe someone abused her ( no proff and i dont wanna know about it). Yes i know all kind of factors can make her being impulsive,agressive,perfom disgusting fetiches and say gross stuff but the proof i have is the first time she taste my cum (her words..) she said " kiss me no one says no to me" , and her mom behavior she was really piss at her when she was late and give me the stink eye, but under her sight shewas a nice lady but she may be caught her daugther jerking another dude in her coach while "watching movies" one time she wanted to get me drunk in order to fuck her or taking pics of my penis on that same coach while his mom on another room. I think shes really into getting humiliated in sexual encounters and she find pleasure on it if she being so young did so gross stuff i dont wanna know what is she into today. Regret this post already remembering all those things,the more i write the more i remember was a vague memory of her saying: " no one says no to me" reaching for a kiss after swalled my cum.
After write this down realize is a lot, and even worse try to share it on another subreddit and a bot called me bigot for using slurs, the slurs , profanity or attemps or humor are just my way to tell this experience i had when i was young and now im an adult, i dont mean to hurt any demographic, didnt use names cities, hell not even told all the gross stuff because no need, this is enought details you get the picture so please take it eazy.
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2017.01.22 13:07 lainder DC++ user MOD[i]'s Ask Me Anything regarding placements

Branch: EnI
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2017.01.04 17:53 bairbremoana May lose job abroad because Gardai gave me the wrong vetting form..

I have been accepted to work with EPIK, an English programme in Korea. I am die to start February 18th. I am sending everything for my visa off today; I applied for my garda vetting form two and a half months ago because I knew it would take a while. Because I got accepted quite late considering the starting date, it is vital that all documents are in as quickly as possible.
After not seeing any information online, I rang my local Garda station; I was told that for a job abroad, I needed to apply for a vetting form from Thurles. After ringing the Thurles station they confirmed that form that I needed to download and send off. I did so, and after six weeks had heard nothing. I rang several times and one member of staff sent the form off "again". After receiving a form which very clearly stated that it was NOT acceptable proff of Garda vetting, with no addresses etc, I knew something was wrong. I rang Thurles and was told that it was indeed the form that I needed to teaching abroad.
I went to get it apostilled today; the man behind the desk told me it was definitely the wrong form and was shocked at the information I had been given. He obviously felt really sorry for me; I got the letter apostilled just in case and am sending it off today.
I am 22 years old. I worked two jobs over the summer to be able to save for the CELTA course, worked hard for the interview and ensured that everything I needed for my visa was in order. I was given the wrong information thread times, and had to ring repeatedly for them to even send out the form.
There is a good chance that my Visa application will not be accepted and that I will have to apply again in August. I have told my friends and family that I was accepted and am absolutely gutted. Is there anything I can do? My only hope I that they let me bring the form on the plane with me when I come over on the 18th, but its horrible stress and if it doesn't work I will have wasted around 800 euro on a plane ticket.
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2016.09.20 08:11 Nerdo9000 See You Tomorrow

Tuesday, March 25 – 4:54 PM
My name is Spencer. This is actually the first time I’ve logged onto this website…but my friends told me that this site is where people go to talk about this kind of stuff.
When I say “this kind of stuff,” I mean…paranormal things? Things just out of the ordinary, right? I’ve read some of the stories on this site and I couldn’t help but notice some similarities. Anyways – I might as well start at the beginning.
Something happened to my younger brother.
Out of respect for his privacy, I will leave his name anonymous for this post. We called him “Stretch” after he grew into a teenager…his arms and legs grew to phenomenal lengths, and he was about 6’2”. I still remember staying up late with him when we still shared a room as kids, making noises and getting in trouble…and now he’s in college, hundreds of miles away. It’s certainly strange how much you miss something when you realize you don’t have it anymore.
My family received a call from Stretch’s roommate (whom I will also leave anonymous) this afternoon at about 4:15 PM. He explained that when he woke up, he checked his cell phone to find a text message from Stretch that simply said: “see you tomorrow”. Stretch got in late the previous night, so the roommate assumed that he had sent the message in case the roommate got worried. The roommate then went to his morning class as usual…but to his surprise, Stretch did not wake up for his classes, which usually started at 9 AM. Stretch had never been the kind to skip classes…he was always very studious. The roommate didn’t give it a second thought, however, and went to his class anyways. The roommate returned after his classes at about 2 PM today, only to find Stretch, still asleep. After about an hour of studying in the dorm room, the roommate decided that he should wake Stretch up and question him as to why he had been sleeping so long…
But he did not wake up.
The roommate claims to have shaken Stretch, to the point of yelling at him and trying to move him out of the bed…but he would not wake up. The roommate took action, and after speculation, the RA for the dorm called the university police, who then transferred Stretch to the hospital. He has been there all afternoon, and they are still running tests on him.
I live in Kentucky, so I was not able to make it out to see him in the hospital…however, I just got off the phone with my mother. She informed me that the doctors refused to see any family members to discuss his condition. Only after incessantly pestering the doctors did she get an answer out of one of them: Stretch was in some kind of coma.
Why the doctors refused to discuss matters with my family is a mystery to me. I can only hope that they did so for a reason.
I will be flying in to see Stretch as soon as I can…I love my brother dearly, and nothing is going to stop me from seeing him.
Wednesday, March 26 – 10:34 PM
I have purchased my ticket for Nevada (my family’s current residence), and I hope to leave this Friday. I wished it could have been sooner…I had no sleep last night, worried about my brother, so a vacation is definitely needed right now.
Today, I got another call from my mom…and she sounded more distressed than she had yesterday. She explained that his roommate had been retrieving things from their dorm room to bring to Stretch in the hospital, and had stumbled upon Stretch’s cell phone. He checked his call history, and messages, to check for clues about what he did the previous night. He claimed nothing was out of the ordinary, until he checked the message inbox.
Stretch had sent, to every single person in his contacts, the same text message:
“see you tomorrow”.
I have been in the process of purchasing a new cell phone for a few months now…I didn’t see it as a priority, so I did not receive any message from my brother, which for some reason, deeply saddened me…I almost feel like a bad older brother, not being there for him when he needed it. And now he’s sent this one message to his entire contact list…
The doctors, my family, and my friends have told me today that I shouldn’t think too much about it. They were all very confident that it was just a mistake, and the original message had been intended for just his roommate. But I digress…I know Stretch better than anyone, and with the amount of tech-savvy he has, I couldn’t see him making a careless mistake like that.
He isn’t the typical college party-student, either. I can certainly ascertain that he wasn’t drunk that night, but I don’t have to – the doctors claimed that they found no alcohol in his system at all.
This all seems very disturbing to me…who just falls asleep, and then doesn’t wake up? How exactly does that happen? I can’t be sure…the doctors say that his coma could be for a number of different reasons, but they haven’t quite pinned it down yet – apparently Stretch’s particular case is “rare and almost unheard of”.
The important thing is that he’s still alive. His brain is still fully functional and in good shape.
He just won’t wake up.
Thursday, March 27 – 9:32 AM
I am going to write this all down while it’s still fresh. It seems that something else is going on with this entire situation, and I feel as though my brother’s coma is no mere coincidence. It turns out that my brother did send me a message that night, with the same text…but also something else.
My mother called me about an hour ago. She sounded exasperated and scared. It took me quite some time to calm her down so she could explain…but to put things simply, it seems as though Stretch attempted to send a picture file as well as a text. For some reason, the text messages he sent didn’t contain the picture, but one of my friends contacted my mother and informed her that his phone was attempting to download a file from the text message, but was unable due to the file being corrupted.
That got me thinking…if Stretch supposedly sent this message out to everyone in his contact list, wouldn’t that also include their e-mails…?
I checked my email for the first time in a few weeks, and sure enough, there was the message. “see you tomorrow”. I opened the e-mail and began downloading the picture file – what I saw was confusing to say the least. At first, it looks too dark to really make anything out…but I edited the picture as best I could (Stretch is the tech-savvy one, not me), and discovered something strange. It looks like a picture of someone’s forearm, just being held at their side. The person appears to be wearing a blue shirt, maybe a jacket or hoodie? I can’t tell…I could point out one thing, though. By looking even closer, I found a pennant, an Indianapolis Colts pennant, hanging on the wall behind the person. And if there was anyone who loved the Colts, it was my brother’s roommate, which led me to assume that the photograph had been taken inside his dorm room. I am going to attempt to upload the picture file so that anyone can see it, but I’m not quite sure how, or where to do it. When I do, I will be sure to post a link on this document before I upload this for submission.
Meanwhile, my mother says she has some terrible, terrible news to deliver, and that it has to wait until we are face to face…I’m just trying to remain calm. I’m not normally a superstitious person, so I will continue to keep my head up and hope for the best. I know he is going to wake up, soon.
I’m going home tomorrow to see Stretch, and hopefully sort all this out. Haven’t been getting very good sleep the past couple of nights either, so I can’t wait to get home and get a good rest.
Friday, March 28 – 11:57 PM
My flight got in this evening, at about 4:30.
When I landed, and got to a payphone to contact my family to let them know I was on my way, but…I wasn’t greeted by my family.
Because they couldn’t greet me.
I arrived home to find the house empty. No note, no answering machine message, or anything.
I soon drove to the hospital. When I arrived, the nurses all stared at me as I walked down the hallways. I stormed down the corridors, yelling at the doctors, asking for Stretch, asking for my family. Where the hell was my family?
One doctor stopped me, his face sullen and depressed. “You must be Spencer.”
“Yes,” I huffed impatiently. “Where is my brother? Which room?”
“He and your family are in room 115. Please come with me.”
“My family…”
I pushed past the doctor, running down the halls, until the number 115 popped up on my left. Upon entering, I stood in the doorway, unable to breathe, unable to speak.
I now understood why my family hadn’t answered the payphone…why they weren’t at the house…
…they were all asleep. All of them. My parents, my older sister, my grandma…
The doctors walked quietly in behind me. They all stood near me, just…watching. No one said anything. The room was eerily silent. And there I was – just staring at them. And there they were. Lined up in their beds. They didn’t talk. They didn’t move. They didn’t wake up.
I recovered my ability to speak after a while, and instantly demanded to know what happened. But the doctors just stared at me, some of them crying. I asked again and again, screaming at the top of my lungs, what happened to my family?...
One of the doctors took me aside. He instructed the others to leave the room, that he had things under control, that everything was going to be okay. Then he told me the same thing. Kind of like what your parents tell you that everything is going to be okay, when it clearly isn’t. He then began to explain exactly what it is that happened. I don’t know if I can bring myself to type in exactly what he said, except one fact: my entire family was dead. He said that after not receiving an answer when he called their house this morning, they sent a car to discover that they all had gone into a similar coma, and after just a few hours, all of their vitals stopped, including my brother’s.
I am now staying the night in my brother’s dorm room. His roommate is out for the evening. Here I am, past midnight, typing down all this crap like anyone could do ANYTHING about it. I don’t know whether or not I’m wasting my time with this, I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life now…I just can’t fathom everything that’s happened today. It took me long enough to be able to sit here and type it all out, and maybe all for nothing.
…But I did make another discovery…I’ll type it up here soon. I’m starting to get really tired, but I can’t go to sleep just yet. I have more to tell.
Friday night
Technically it’s the morning now…can’t exactly remember what the date is? Too lazy to check
It’s about 3 AM now, still no sleep. I got into my brother’s laptop because I know his password. Checked his recent fiels and everything. His browsing history is only one link
This blog he supposedly made contains the picture
Same picture he sent me that night. He put it online too, on his blog, in case anyone would find it, as if he already knew. Like he already knew what was happening to him. The picture is of him. He tried to photograph himself. I found his blue jacket in his closet and the exact spot he took the picture, right in front of a mirror. I guess he was just too tires to get his face in it ‘’’p;p
Sorry I am exteremely tired myself, this probably is a bit jumbled up but hopefully you can understand. I want to put this on this site now before its too late.
The doctor told me that my family’s death was not due to a coma, it was some kind of mental disease in which the central nervous system slowly begins shutting down all core bodily functions until the person is dead. A “mental virus” he called it. He informed me that it is highly contagious, but not in the way you would think =
Ready for this? He told me that the virus is caught only by people who KNOW about it. I actually forced him to tell me this, I threatened to hurt him when we were alone, I just wanted to help them, I just wanted to know what happened to my family
He said that this “virus” is dormant in a rare percentage of the human population, and it is only activated once a person actually finds out about it, and then falls asleep. Some kind of neurological phenomena I don’t know why he would tell my family that but he did. He did and now theyre dead. Supposedly
I honestly don’t believe in this kind of bullcrap, it doesn’t make sense, this paranormal gghost story kind of crap. I thought he was just saying things so I wouldn’t hurt him but whatever, I don’t care about that. I know I haven’t been getting the best sleep but I know I’ll wake up tomorrow. He has no proff to back this up.
Back to Stretch’s blog, he had written some post the day before, I don’t know what exactly he was talking about but I assume it was something to do with this. He knew about this virus and he didn’t want to continue to post it online in case it was true. He tried to photograph himself in the middle of the night to maybe tell someone what was happening? Maybe he was wrong
Maybe he was scared
It doesn’t matter anymore, I know I’m going to wake up tomorrow. And you’ll hear from me again, right here on this post. I know this stuff isn’t real
I’ll tell you and everyone I know that it isn’t real, youll see. Ill send everyone a picture, just like Stretch, because I really am feeling fine! Just tired ;
Until then
see you tomorrow
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2014.09.23 21:18 tabledresser [Table] IamA UPS package loader gearing up for peak season AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-09-23
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Have you ever had someone seriously damage a box in your facility? Did they have to pay for it? Have you ever seen someone snooping in the boxes and/or stealing? Did you report them? To be truthful, my belt has so many damaged boxes due to belt routing that we have a security officer on our belt at all times to check open packages for contents and integrity. If it needs to be repackaged then we send it to repack, if its good then we retape it. I personally have not seen anyone damage a box on purpose but from the stories ive heard, those that do are held liable to a certain extent. Also personally i have never witnessed stealing or snooping but i can truthfully tell you, if i every saw it i would not only report it, but if i had the chance i would photograph/film it for proff.
Any interesting stories from the job? Nothing super interesting personally, but the stories I've been told by people there longer than me are amazing. For example: a manager once completely disregarded safety procedures, and pulled a leaking box of a belt with out properly storing it. It turns out that the box had a very reactive type of acid in it. That box was placed on a metal grate. Fortunately the leak was very small and it didnt react in a large scale or we would have had a tragedy.
How satisfying is it to just chuck some asshole's mail against a wall? Truthfully like ive said before, we try to treat every piece with the utmost respect, but there are certain individuals who are on a UPS Shit list ( hint: if you dont want to be on it, dont complain about where a package was left if you requested it) and those individuals sometimes may or may not receive pieces with boot prints on them. But I guess it would probably feel pretty satisfying, but like i said thats just a guess.
Do you enjoy your job? Is the pay good? Training...requirements? I bitch about it all the time casue of the hours, but i do love my job. Its fun, a good work out and physically and mentally challenging. and i had no experience what so ever before i started. If you know how to count then you can do this job. The pay starts out crappy but after 90 days you get full benefits that are paid for by the company and the union so it evens out.
I don't mean to be disrespectful, but how can being a package loader be mentally challenging? When loading a truck it is the loaders responsibility to ensure that a package ends up in the correct truck and in the correct position in the truck to ensure the quickest delivery time for the package.
Who is your weirdest co-worker? That depends on what you mean by weird. In my building one guy just got promoted to driver, but before he left he would make every conversation into something about his mom, i guess trying to be funny. but now that hes gone its probably the guy who splits my belt who just talks to him self, until he gets mad at something then he just starts yelling at random boxes.
What's the biggest package you've ever handled? Did you have to use both hands? The biggest package I have ever had come for one of my trucks was a 130lb piece of steel. To tell the truth i was still new to the job and i thought i could do it on my own. I was able to do it with both hand and by myself, but now i ask for help with large pieces.
Are injuries common? Not as common as one might think. But i will say most injuries are easily preventable. people get lazy and thats when they get hurt. We teach the eight keys to lifting and lowering for areason.
the eight keys to lifting and lowering. Would you like to reveal these or would that go against a confidentiality agreement? I figure it might be useful to know for future applications. 1 Get close to the box 2 Position feet shoulder width apart: one slightly in front of the other 3 test for shifting weight and contents 4 bend at the knees keeping the natural curve of the back 5 grasp opposite corners 6 lift with a smooth steady motion: dont jerk 7 pivot dont twist 8 use existing equipment to assist in lifting and lowering.
Do you know who is getting all the freaky sex toys and stuff based on where it is shipped from? Like I know you have to have an idea of where everything comes from. Got any weird customers? Actually like most places advertise, the boxes are pretty discrete, but the girl who gets ten group on packages in a week that are in a tube or similar shaped box is my best guess. i will say that for me the weirdest customers, are the QVC queens, they order something every day its actually kinda sad
That is kind of sad! Do you have any weird stories or anything? People try and ship poop to other people as a prank and such? Ive never seen anything like that shipped as a prank, but during a recent contract dispute another local load center was holding out on a contract my building had signed. to show us how unhappy they were with our choice to sign the contract, someone shit in a trailer, put a box on it and sent it over to us...
DAng! Did you know that you are one of the largest drug traffickers in the country. (Unknowing of course) From what I hear a lot of people use ups... is that true? Personally, i have never seen it in our package system, but it would not surprise me if people were using it, the lack of regulation makes it seem like it'd be easy.
Is it more tempting to "miss handle" a package when labeled with "FRAGILE"? I wouldnt say its tempting at any point, but i will say this, when the package flow is nice and steady and manageable, every package is treated with the utmost respect, but when the flow is hard and heavy unfortunately, things tend to get moved with more force.
Is it still only mustaches allowed? I remember declining a job at UPS because they told me I had to shave off the rest of my facial hair. If you work inside the load facility you can have any facial hair you want and i will post a picture of my current beard, but if you are on road you have to shave it... that is unless you get a note from a doctor saying that shaving irritates your skin.
Link to
Why do you you give the USPS all the super large packages for the final mile? Also do you hate week-before-christmas online shoppers as much as I do? To tell you the truth i have no idea, recently surepost packages have gotten huge and it makes no sense to me. The level of hate i harbor for those people if only know to those who have loaded those packages... and it seems you know that level.
When we use expedited shipping (1-2 days), How is the shipping time sped up? When you use expedited shipping, it is sent by air for the most part. It also depends on what type of package it it IE next day air, next day air saver, or 2nd day air. It also depends on where it comes from and what it is.
I'm a fellow package handler loader, and my company ships the majority of our stuff via UPS. Why do we get a package truck full of damaged shit every day? That's just what doesn't get lost. Probably because where its loaded the supervisors dont care. Where I am we try to keep everything nice, and when a box is damaged we get security to open it and ensure package safety. I cant speak for your loaders, but the guys i work with avtually care.
Have you delivered packages or do you just load them? Last peak season i loaded and also did driver helper to assist in delivery. I will be doing it again this year, for one reason, the hours suck but the money is amazing.
I'm waiting on a package from you guys right now. It arrived at Hodgkins, IL on 9/21 at 5:20 in the morning and didn't leave until 9/22 at 2:35 in the afternoon. That's a day and a half that it just sat there, what's up with that? Sundays are usually no movement days for ups. The reason it took so long to move on monday is that it probably had to be sorted to a new trailer so that it can make it to its final hub destination, so it can be loaded with care for delivery to your door ;)
Do you load dog treats? Haha No i dont load them, but against UPS regulations, me and every driver helper or driver i know carry dog treats cause a happy dog is a nice dog.
Why would that be against regulations? Do people ever get in trouble for it? The company sees it in the view that if one day a driver or helper doesn't have a treat for the dog, the dog might become aggressive if it is used to getting the treat. They actually want drivers to avoid dogs in anyway possible.
Interesting. Thanks for the speedy responses! Of course thanks for the questions.
What's the ratio of men to women like where you work? In my building i believe the current ratio of men to women is 7 men for every 1 women. but as peak season gets closer i expect that number to change.
How hard is it to work your way up to driver? It all depends on the facility, mine right now has an average Tim of three years. But some hubs hire drivers off the street.
Can we see your calf muscles? Every time I see a UPS/FedEx guy/gal come to deliver a package, I have to check the calf muscles. I can post a link for you, but they really arnt that impressive right now. After peak season, they will look like the muscles on a well trained racing horse.
FedEx Ground has this recruiting site where you get to search for and apply to attend a package sorting orientation...does UPS do the same for new recruits or are there ways for beginners with little to no warehouse experience to learn about the position before starting? Usually during peak season its a trial by fire because we have such a high turn over rate, but if you hire on as a driver helper you can ask to work inside, and if its not for you, you can return to just driver helping i believe.
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